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Wit & Wisdom: What I’ve Learned

Posted on January 22, 2015 by Admin

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We asked the people who work every day in our communities to share the best life lesson an Atria resident has taught them. Here are a few things that really moved us and inspired us – so much that we wanted to pass them on to you.

“'Be bold before you get old!’ This came from a resident who’s 105 years old.”
– Mary Mason, Atria Woodbriar (MA)

“A family is more than just the group of relatives you were born into. A family is a group of people who genuinely care about you each and every day. I’m so fortunate to have my Atria Shaker family!”
– Tina Taylor, Atria Shaker (NY)

“We have a resident who loves to grow and work with flowers. She is also very interested in her family lineage. She has helped me appreciate the beauty and simplicity of nature, and she has motivated me to have a flower garden of my own. She’s also taught me how wonderful it is to know your family history.”
– Felipe Rosa, Atria Stratford (CT)

“Over 10 years ago, when my mom died, I was obviously down and had no desire to return to work anytime soon. But when I did, a resident came up to me and said, ‘We’re all your moms now.’ I have never forgotten that.”
– Ed Reyes, Atria Bell Court Gardens (AZ)

“Feed your brain. Don’t neglect your mind. Read books. Be curious. Ask why. If you neglect your brain, that is the worst thing you can do.”
– Jessica Shea, Atria Bell Court Gardens (AZ)

“One day when telling her how much I love my husband, Gladys H. – 107 years old – told me, ‘The secret to a happy marriage is finding someone you are happy being bored with. I was happy being bored for over 70 years!’”
– Nicholle Cragle, Atria Grass Valley (CA)

“The best life lesson I had came from my dear resident George W. We would talk about finances – the man is a genius when it comes to saving money. He told me how to start my own saving program, and it works wonderfully for me.”
– Willeatha Kelly, Atria Richardson (TX)

“A resident stated to me that ‘not everything that glitters is gold,’ which was a great eye-opener. She then gave me her glittered artwork.”
– Vannytha Harris, Atria Sunnyvale (CA)

“Our dear resident Carol – she inspired me to always follow my heart and make the right decisions in life. She and her loving dog, Barkley, helped me realize I should marry my wonderful husband. Barkley licked my engagement ring and gave his blessing to me.”
– Julie L. Sosa, Atria Bayside Landing (CA)

“Atria residents have taught me how important it is to be open to forming new relationships late in life. I’ve often compared Atria to a college dorm where you make new friends, depend on each other and continue to thrive in your later years.”
– Cindy Riddle, Atria Del Sol (CA)

“All of the Atria residents have taught me how important it is to love, cherish, respect and care for the senior population. I find myself talking to and offering help to seniors in my town. It makes me happy that I can make a difference in their lives. In turn, they make a difference in my life.”
– Angela Focarile, Atria Huntington (NY)

What have you learned from the seniors in your life?

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  • Sharon Schirack-Kerkman says:

    My parents moved to Atria Sandy in the fall of 2007. Since then, my mother passed in 2012. My father is having so much fun for his age….86! I decided that though I retired in 2010, I wanted to come work where it looked like fun. I asked for a job for over a year, and FINALLY, was hired as a PRN Concierge. I now work 10 hours a week, and love every minute of my time working. Of course, I am there at other times as a volunteer for Engage Life, too. I usually assist with the Wendover, Nevada, casino day, which is now every 3 months. We take about 10 residents, and 3 of us go along to assist them. One is our awesome bus driver, Sindy Cockriel, whom everyone loves to have drive us there. Did I mention, my sister is also employed full time as a Community Sales Director, and a 4 time Pinnacle award winner and she has worked there for 5 years!

    I love my Sunday’s and Thursday’s, those are my days to work, and then any day someone needs me to cover their shift.

    Atria Sandy residents are the best! The staff is the best around, too!

  • Valerie says:

    I love that your residents and staff are learning from one another and helping to take care of one another. I love what Ed said about the patients all became like his mother…so sweet! It’s amazing what advice our patients have to give us if we are only willing to listen. One of my patients told me to always stay true to myself and never compromise for anything…certainly some of the best advice I’ve been given.

  • Sylvia Salazar says:

    I work for the memory care department and I Love it! My residents teach me something different every day, but the most valuable lesson is how important hugs are they are medicine for the heart. And how much love older people has reserved for whoever reaches out and is indeed of. They might not remember my name but makes my entire day knowing they remember our faces and the love we give them. #ATRIASANJUAN