Four-legged friends welcome

Spend each day with the people you love – pets included. Enjoy a community where you and your companion can thrive together.

Benefits of pets for older adults

Pets support social connection

Whether you’re bumping into neighbors while walking the dog or sharing favorite kitten photos, studies show that pets create opportunities to connect with human friends, too.

Pets provide a reason to exercise

From daily walks to hours of play, active companions help keep older adults moving. Spending time with a pet can also lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Pets encourage emotional well-being

Spending time with a good friend will always improve your mood. The unconditional love of a pet makes it easy to focus on the present, reducing depression and anxiety about the future.

Pets in our communities

River, the 2-year-old certified therapy golden retriever, loves to make new friends at Atria Darien.


Pets are great at bringing people together – connect with us to learn more about the furry friends spreading joy at Atria.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Atria communities allow residents to keep pets in their apartment; fees may apply. All required vaccinations and licensing must be current. Size and temperament requirements vary by community. Check with the community of your choice for details, and see these tips and guidelines for having a pet at Atria.

In addition to the costs associated with pet ownership – such as food, vet visits and litter – fees for pets in senior living will vary by community.

There are many ways to help your pet have a smooth transition to senior living – and it starts on moving day. Ask a friend or family member to watch your pet during the move itself. This will keep helpful paws out of the way and spare them the anxiety of the change. You can also ease the move by bringing favorite toys, blankets and beds. It may seem counter-intuitive, but don’t wash blankets before the move so your pet will have the comfort of a familiar scent. Finally, make sure your pet is up to date on all their licenses, vaccines, medications and anything else your vet recommends.

Residents must be able to care for their pets as staff is not able to. Size and temperament assessed prior to move-in.

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