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Employee Leadership Summit

Atria’s Employee Leadership Summit 2014

Posted on April 30, 2014 by Admin

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Each year, Atria’s leaders hand-select front-line staff at each local Atria community to attend a two-and-a-half-day program, which we call Employee Leadership Summit, or “ELS.”

ELS presents us with the extraordinary opportunity to celebrate those who are the unspoken leaders in their communities. Although they typically do not view themselves as leaders, they truly have a positive impact in the lives of our residents each day.

Augustine, a Medical Technician at Atria Sandy in Utah, attended ELS for the first time this year. “My favorite part is meeting all the people…the chance to be in a room with everybody. I’m loving it…it is such a great experience.” Augustine said she is excited to bring what she learned back to her community. She celebrates her 14th anniversary with Atria in November!

Marty Nichter, Training Manager at Atria’s Support Center in Louisville, has been with the company for 11 years and has chaired ELS for more than six years.

Marty - Training Manager

“I think the most important thing for employees to take away from the Employee Leadership Summit is that they truly have a voice at Atria, that they are important, the work that they do is extremely important and that they have influence over their coworkers,” Marty said.

The employees who participate may not have management roles, but Atria’s message at ELS is that leadership is not about leading with authority or a title; rather, it’s about leading with positive influence, and these men and women have a great deal of influence in their communities.


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