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Keeping the Atria family safe

Posted on April 9, 2021 by Admin

The health and safety of our residents and employees is our highest priority, and to deliver on that promise, we launched the “Sleeve Up Atria” initiative in late December – ever since COVID-19 vaccines became available.  

 As of April 9, we have administered more than 50,000 doses of the vaccine to nearly 90% of our residents and employees in the U.S.

“In early January, Atria was the first large senior living provider in America to mandate the vaccine for our staff,” John Moore, Atria’s Chairman and CEO, said. “The results make us glad we made up our minds early. So far, the breakdown is that more than 92% of our U.S. residents and 85% of our staff have taken the vaccine.” 

How vaccinations benefit residents

For the more than 20,000 residents who call Atria home, the success of “Sleeve Up, Atria” has translated into the confidence to enjoy meals and programs together. 

“Knowing we are no longer in the thick of it and that we’re getting back to normal makes me sleep better at night,” Beverly, a resident at Atria Rancho Peñasquitos in San Diego, California, stated. “I’m still staying safe, but now getting out and about again, and feeling freer. My next stop is our salon.” 

The vaccinations, along with state approvals, have enabled Atria to expand resident gatherings from 15 to 20, and expand the number of visitor– including families, guests and older adults interested in moving in to Atria – from three to five at a time. 

“The pandemic is not behind us yet, but now I feel safe to be with people, even though I still have to be careful,” Jansie, a resident at Atria at Foster Square in Foster City, California, said. “I have plans to visit my family in Seattle and see my grandchildren again.” 


Learn more about how Atria is protecting the health of our residents and staff at AtriaSafeTogether.com.

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Introducing Atria Cary

Posted on April 1, 2021 by Admin

At Atria Senior Livingour mission is to serve the needs of older adults and their families. To that end, one of the ways we deliver on that mission is to develop new senior living communities. Our latest such development in the works: Atria Cary in none other than Cary, North Carolina. 

An idyllic setting in the Tar Heel State 

The township of Cary straddles the line between the Piedmont and the Coastal Plain regions of North Carolina, located roughly in the center of the state and between the Chapel Hill-Durham and Raleigh urban centers.  

“Atria Cary is in a beautiful setting  I mean, stunning,” Jamie Floyd, Vice President of Sales Training and New Developments and Acquisitions at Atria, said. “There are miles of trails and greenways that weave around Cary. The town’s not that big, so there’s a lot of walking space and a strong lean toward wellness and outdoor living and activity.” 

Scheduled to open in winter 2021-22, Atria Cary will be one of Atria Senior Living’s communities designed exclusively for older adults seeking independent living. Atria Cary was planned with the area’s trails and greenways in mind, so that residents can find abundant opportunities to get out, be in nature, ride a bike, go for a walk, and so on.  

Touring the grounds 

Atria Cary residents will enjoy amenities such as a wine bar, a movie theater, an art studio, a courtyard, a worship space and more. Being involved in the development, touring the grounds and poring over blueprints, Floyd can already envision what Atria Cary will look like. 

“There won’t be a bad view from any apartment,” she said. “You’ll look out at tall pines that sway in the breeze or the sunset and the amphitheater across the wayIt’s just amazing.” 


To learn more about Atria Cary, visit AtriaCary.com.

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A rewarding place to work

Posted on by Admin

The members of our culinary team – no matter which level they have risen to in the department – have brought their talents to Atria for different reasons. For Chad Welch, Executive Chef of Culinary Operations, one of the draws to Atria was the opportunity to keep expanding his culinary skill set.

Quality work-life balance

“A chef at Atria has the chance to learn different cuisine – what quahogs are in Massachusetts, or what a Hot Brown is in Kentucky, or what a Louie salad is in California,” Welch said. “All of our chefs have the ability to share input on the menus we create.”

Other chefs come to Atria because the culinary department affords them a quality work-life balance. Christopher Lyons, Divisional Director of Culinary Services, remembers shifts in the restaurant world where he’d stay past 11 pm only to be back in the kitchen again before 9 the next morning. At Atria, Lyons found a chance to work with talented chefs and servers, but also to maintain reasonable hours.

“I saw an opportunity with senior living to find a good work-family balance,” Lyons stated. “This is the perfect way to stay in the culinary world and also watch your kids grow up.”

Lyons discovered a much calmer working environment at Atria than what he was used to in the restaurant industry.

“If you’ve been in the restaurant business, you know that there’s always a fight between the front of the house and the back of the house. That doesn’t happen at Atria. Everyone here works as a team.”

Camaraderie and community

Those dynamics of camaraderie and community extend to the relationship that the culinary teams have with the residents, as well.

“Cooking is from the heart,” Linda Petrillo, Divisional Director of Culinary Services, exclaimed. “When I train people, one of the things I always say is, ‘Remember this: You are cooking in the residents’ kitchen and dining room.’ It’s that personal.”

One member of Petrillo’s culinary team is Marie Anthony, who is a part of the waitstaff at Atria Riverdale in New York.

“I love helping the residents,” Anthony stated. “You get to know them on a personal level – what they’re doing, what’s going on in their lives – because you serve them breakfast, lunch and dinner. You see them frequently, so you make a lot of friends with them.”

Asked if she would rather be at a freestanding restaurant, Anthony said she prefers Atria because the dining experience feels more friendly than frantic.

“It’s different than a restaurant, where you just go there and leave,” she explained. “Residents will sometimes sit and chat with their neighbors and staff for two or three hours. So you feel more at home, and it makes you want to come back to work every day. You wouldn’t want to miss that, because you put a smile on the residents’ faces. That makes your day go by with joy on your face.”

Lyons echoed a similar sentiment: “It’s really like a family here,” he said. “There’s no place quite like family that I’ve seen anywhere else, and I would say that for the residents, the waitstaff and the cooks. We treat everyone as a family member.”

Keeping the Atria family safe

Because the well-being of residents and employees is Atria’s highest priority, we are providing the COVID-19 vaccine to everyone in our communities. Welch received his shot in December, and according to him, it’s changed his life.

“My wife and I can actually go to restaurants and be around each other and feel comfortable,” he said. “And in our communities, our employees deserve to be vaccinated and deserve to be in a safe space with other vaccinated folks.”

Anthony was hesitant about being vaccinated at first, but now she’s glad that she received the vaccine.

“It’s going to benefit you in the long run,” Anthony declared. “It gives you a clear mind, so you don’t have to worry about traveling. I think it’s for the best that you take it. You’ll be safe.”


Learn more about what makes Atria the best place to work and explore current open positions at AtriaCareers.com.

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“I can’t imagine working anywhere else”

Posted on March 21, 2021 by Admin

Marissa Jacobson-Ojinaga, the Engage Life Director at Atria Rancho Peñasquitos in San Diego, California, has loved learning from the world’s wisest people ever since she was in elementary school. She regularly volunteered with her classmates at a senior living community across the street – playing cards with the residents, listening to their stories and reading with them. “That experience just spoke to my heart,” Marissa said, “in part because I had such a close bond with my grandparents.” 

Because her parents traveled so much for work, Marissa’s grandparents were quite involved in her upbringing. They dropped her off and picked her up from school and taught her everything from how to play golf to smaller lessons like folding socks instead of balling them up, which she still carries with her today. “Losing them was hard, but I’m so thankful for the example they set in my life,” Marissa said. 

After graduating high school, Marissa went to work for a bank. The pay was good. The hours were flexible. She settled into the routine, the benefits, the weekends off – but she never felt fulfilled in her professional life. After Marissa met her husband, who owned an IT consulting firm, they moved around to Washington and Arizona. She worked in corporate banking and the home construction sector, but she often thought back to her grandparents and her time volunteering with residents in the senior living community.  

“I always loved learning from our aging population, and because of the bond I had with them, I wanted a career where I could give back,” Marissa said. “I wanted to do something with purpose.” 

Believing in herself 

Throughout their marriage, Marissa’s husband traveled every week to meet with clients around the country, taking a red-eye flight on Sundays and coming home on Thursdays. The demands of that schedule sometimes felt onerous to the couple, so in 2018, when one of his clients offered Marissa’s husband a more settled role in San Diego, he accepted – relocating, in large part, because of the sense of stability the move gave to their lives. 

Once in California, Marissa applied for a few positions that dovetailed with her prior experience in banking and home construction, but she ultimately decided to wade into senior living, to see if she did have the emotional capacity for it  a field she respected so much she was hesitant to work in it. Within a few weeks, a role as an Engage Life Director – a specialist who develops a calendar filled with daily opportunities for residents to engage, connect, and create  opened up. Marissa applied and was hired.  

Almost at once, she felt comfortable at the community. “I know the staff’s children’s names. They become part of your family,” Marissa said. “I have some of the residents’ families tell me that their son is getting out of the Marines and they show me a picture. You become part of their lives. They allow you to share moments with them  it means so much. I’m more thankful for this job than any job I’ve ever had before.” 

Finding purpose

After two years at Atria Rancho Peñasquitos, Marissa continues to learn from and engage with residents every day. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, she hosted teatime socials, arranged games, organized outings to go shopping and visit nail salons, and led group events like “Passport Around the World,” where residents learned about different cultures and sampled a medley of cuisine that paired with each lesson. She also loved hosting the “Marissa Mimosa Show”  a mock talk show format where she passed out mimosas and acted like she was Ellen DeGeneres, interviewing staff and residents. “What can I say? I’m kooky and crazy.” 

Today, with safety restrictions in place, Marissa still has fun keeping the community lively, and she moves about her day knowing that she has finally found her calling at Atria. “I love coming into the building every morning,” she said. “The second you walk through the front door, it’s a welcoming environment. Everybody here is approachable. They’re friendly. Building relationships with the residents is one of the greatest honors of my life.”

Just as the smaller parcels of wisdom her grandparents shared – the admonition to fold her socks, not ball them up – linger in her mind, the advice on living well every day that residents give her resonate the most with Marissa. One resident told her recently, “Don’t get so caught up in the immediate. In the end, what matters is whether you and the ones you love are healthy and safe.”  

The way residents have imparted insights upon her has centered Marissa. They remind her so much of her grandparents that she feels at ease to joke around with them, and she’s always looking for ways to make them laugh.

One resident loves watching Ronda Rousey fights, so Marissa snuck a life-size cutout of Rousey into his apartment and topped it with a bow.  

“I had never seen him laugh so hard. It was super rewarding, because you feel a sense of loyalty to everyone here,” Marissa said. “I don’t think I could have been where I’m at or felt mentally more myself or emotionally more myself if it wasn’t for Atria. I can’t imagine working anywhere else.” 


Learn more about all the ways that Atria’s a great place to work and current open positions at AtriaCareers.com.  

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COVID-19 vaccine clinics are paving the way to a brighter future

Posted on March 3, 2021 by Admin

Atria residents and staff alike are celebrating their contribution to bringing normalcy back to communities and beyond as vaccine clinics continue.  As of this writing, every Atria community in the U.S. has completed their first clinic and has either completed or scheduled their second clinic; 95 percent of communities have their third clinic scheduled.     

Last December, Atria Chairman and CEO John Moore announced a vaccination mandate for all residents and staff.    

Atria’s number one priority is safety, therefore stringent COVID-19 safety protocols will remain intact until everyone in communities is fully vaccinated.   

“We continue to hear from residents and employees who say they feel it’s their patriotic duty to get the vaccine,” said Moore.      

Beyond a strong sense of duty, those within communities are expressing their gratitude for having been among the first to receive the vaccine.     

“I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It’s so wonderful to live in a community that provided the shot to us,” said Sharell, a resident at Atria Copeland in Texas. “I feel safe knowing I can soon get out and be around people.”    

In communities, people are beginning to feel the positive impact of the vaccine as each day goes by.  

“Everyone is much happier now because a change is coming. Residents are starting to gather and visit with each other again,” said Lachaka Johnson, Engage Life Director at Atria Copeland. “I can’t wait to get with residents and play Skip-Bo and poker, and go for a joyride throughout the community, especially since spring is right around the corner. I’m ready to plan a movie night with concession stand favorites. I’m ready to get back to doing group exercise and paint and sip parties.”    

Plans are currently underway to resume group gatherings.     

“We talk more about what we want for our future and less about how things are currently,” said Ria Enore, Engage Life Director at Atria Willow Park in Texas. “I come to work and go home knowing we’re gearing up for a brighter future for everyone, and that in itself is absolutely encouraging.”     

After a year of creating safe ways to keep residents happy, connected, active and engaged, Atria is elated to see communities slowly bring them together, in-person, with their friends and family.     

“I am relieved because we are on our way to do the things we love to do,” said Mary, a resident at Atria Springdale in Kentucky.       

As final vaccination clinics are set to be completed, the last two months have proven that Team Atria is prepared to navigate even the most unexpected events in order to keep everyone safely connected.   


To see how Atria is creating the safest possible environment for residents and staff, visit AtriaSafeTogether.com.        

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COVID-19 vaccine clinics are paving the way to a brighter future

Posted on January 29, 2021 by Admin

More than 90 percent of Atria communities across the U.S. have scheduled their first COVID-19 vaccine clinic, with almost half having successfully completed it. The safety of residents and staff remains Atria’s top priority, so receiving the vaccination was recently made a requirement for all employees. 

Atria is working hard to bring a sense of normalcy back to community life, and making sure employees and residents are vaccinated is the first step. 

The slogan “Sleeve Up Atria,” seen on posters and T-shirts throughout communities, has been used as a rally to encourage residents and employees to participate in vaccine clinics, which are administered by CVS Health professionals alongside Atria staff members. 

“We can’t wait for the vaccine to come to every one of our communities so that we can help residents continue living their best lives,” said John Moore, Chairman and CEO of Atria.   

More than 10,000 residents and staff have received the first dose of the vaccine, an exciting step toward a brighter future – a future filled with hugs and the joy of spending time with family and friends again.       

“Receiving the vaccine was so easy and quick that I didn’t notice the shot,” said Joan, a resident at Atria Newport Plaza in California. “I’m excited to get together and spend time with friends again.”     

Receiving the vaccine has prompted residents and staff to celebrate in different ways – some are preparing to reunite in person with family members, while others are writing down what they’re looking forward to doing most once pandemic restrictions are lifted.   

Moore participated in Atria’s very first vaccine clinic and recognized its significance.     

“From this point forward, the days get brighter,” he said. “Brighter for our residents. For our staff. For our company. And for our world.”      

As the number of people receiving the vaccine continues to grow, residents and employees are looking forward to safely connecting with one another in person.    

“Now that I have the vaccine, I feel much better,” said Ruth, a resident at Atria West 86 in New York. “I’ll be 100 in June, and hopefully we can have a party and my son can come.”   

Atria has already conducted 100 vaccine clinics, with 400+ – and counting – scheduled to take place by April. New residents who move to Atria prior to a scheduled clinic may have the opportunity to receive the vaccine. For complete details, please contact a Community Sales Director.  

As vaccine clinics roll out to all communities, safety and health will continue to be a top priority, and stringent protocols and testing will remain in place.   

“I’m happy to be one of the first people to get vaccinated because I know this will be the end of the virus,” said Mary, a resident at Atria Springdale in Kentucky.    


To see how Atria is creating the safest possible environment for residents and staff, visit AtriaSafeTogether.com.

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Reflecting on 2020 and COVID-19

Posted on December 31, 2020 by Admin

More than 4 million masks, 202,000 COVID-19 tests, 715,000 resident engagement programs, and 400 vaccinations. 2020 may have been rife with challenges, butthanks to the work and resilience ofAtria’sdedicated staff, residents and families, 2020 has also had its triumphs. As the year comes toa close, Atria is reflectingon the accomplishments achieved over the last year.

Fromthe inventive and delightful programs that keep residents engaged tothe COVID-19 testing strategies that keep residents and staff protected, #TeamAtria is grateful for a year that reinforcedwhat it means to be a team, community and family – no matter the circumstance.

Staying agile

Through hurricanes, wildfires, flu seasons and now a pandemic, agility and preparednesshave been key in helping Atria createenvironments that are as safe as possible for older adults.

In the earliest days of the pandemic, this meant dedicating manpower and resources to procuring and distributing personal protective equipment (PPE) to Atriacommunities and even families of residents and employees.

In March, as Atria manned and inventoried a PPE warehouse,a partnership with Mayo Clinic Laboratories began. The collaboration has served as the cornerstone for Atria’s testing strategies and has been instrumental in keeping residents and staff safe. Air freighters, jets and turboprops were utilized to ensure supplies arrived the minute they were needed inearly affected areas.

Astesting kits werebeing deployed to Atria communities, an internal team began tracking the spread of the virus behind the scenes.

From business analytics toviruspenetration analysis

Under the leadership of Atria’s Chairman and CEO, John Moore, a team began meeting nightly to track the virus’ penetration in Atria communities and across North America.

“Our charge in those meetings was to use our own data to see what the disease dynamics were in Atria communities, and then compare that to the disease dynamics within the cities where communities are located,” saidKyle Whittinghill, Director of Corporate Finance and Analytics at Atria. “This allowed us tounderstand what the risk levels were andhow to manage and mitigate those risks.”

That data has impacted every level ofthe business, allowing community and corporate leaders toswiftly escalate or deescalate safety protocolsand procedures accordingly.

“Wewere able toimplementscreening questions, PPE and infection controlmeasureswellahead oflocal mandates,” said Abby Figueroa, Senior Vice President of Functional Operations at Atria.

Keeping residents engaged during the pandemic

Like everyone else, Atria residents and their families became familiar with video conferencing, group chats andlivestreams. Accordingly, Atria’s Engage Life® team (those responsible for creating and arranging events and programs in communities)set out to keep residents engaged with their families and each other throughout the pandemic.

“From the very beginning, we wanted to make every interaction count. Whether it be through video calls or going door to door, we did whatever it took to give our residents the same excellent experience, as close as we could get it to what it used to be,” said Kristin Brown, Assistant Executive Director at Atria at Villages of Windsor in Florida.

As the virus persisted and cases rose, Atria communities enforced protocols that kept people together.

“What we feel the most is safe,” said Louise, a resident at Atria Darien in Connecticut. "And even though our protocols are strict, I’ve noticed people who were not exercising begin to exercise, and that’s rewarding."

Although keeping residents active through COVID-19 fluctuated between socially distanced activities and in-apartment programs, communitiescontinued to look for new ways to keep residentsengaged.

“Interestingly enough, the pandemic reminded us that human interaction is the element we all hold so close and prioritize. We just had to look at it differently,” Figueroa said. “We had to use different resources – obviously, technology, but it was also going back to basics.”


As Atria begins hosting more and more vaccine clinics for residents and staff, all safety protocols currently in place will continue to be observed until everyone has received the required vaccine doses.

In the meantime, Atria communities will continue prioritizing resident well-being by offering opportunities for physical activity and connection within and outside of communities.

#TeamAtria wishes you a safe, healthy and happy New Year.


This blog represents the most current information available. We strive to present the best information available at any given moment, but please understand that this situation is fluid and evolving.

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Atria “sleeves up” for the first COVID-19 vaccines

Posted on December 21, 2020 by Admin

Hugging grandchildren. Bunco parties. Laughing with good friends. These are just a few of the heartfelt reasons Atria residents gave for “sleeving up” today as they were among the first in the country to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The first round of vaccines was administered today at Atria Springdale and will continue at Atria St. Matthews, Atria Stony Brook, Atria Elizabethtown and Atria Highland Crossing through the end of the month of December.

This is a critical early milestone in the “Sleeve Up Atria” campaign to vaccinate more than 20,000 residents and almost 12,000 employees across 26 U.S. states and seven Canadian provinces, as soon as vaccines are made available to their communities.

Atria Senior Living CEO John A. Moore also rolled up his sleeve for the vaccine today. “I knew some people felt a little nervous about getting vaccinated, so I wanted to lead the way by setting a good example,” said Moore. “We’ve been waiting for this day ever since the promise of a vaccine became a reality. I’m so proud of our residents and employees across the U.S. and Canada who have done so much during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect our communities and each other.”

When asked if she was excited to get her vaccine today, Atria resident Engolfia “Georgia” Christoff enthusiastically replied, “You better believe it! I missed Thanksgiving with my family this year and they are just up the street. I’m looking forward to three weeks from now when I get to be with them again.”

While residents are understandably eager to resume activities that they enjoyed before COVID-19 hit, Atria will continue to follow safety protocols and conduct ongoing testing with support from Mayo Clinic Laboratories as we continue to administer the vaccine.

“Atria’s stringent protocols and testing have served us well,” said Moore, “but it’s the vaccine that we hope will be the knockout punch we need to give this disease. We can’t wait for the vaccine to come to every single one of our communities so that we can continue to do all we can to enable our residents to live their best lives, regardless of the circumstances.”

To see how Atria is creating the safest possible environment for residents and staff, visit AtriaSafeTogether.com.


This blog represents the most current information available. We strive to present the best information available at any given moment, but please understand that this situation is fluid and evolving.

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A tribute to Chef Haller

Posted on November 20, 2020 by Admin

Classically trained in Switzerland, experienced in running multiple kitchens from Montreal to Manhattan and an executive chef for five U.S. presidents from 1966-1987, Chef Henry Haller was one of the most successful culinary figures of his generation. He passed away recently, leaving behind a legacy of high standards and a mentor-oriented approach to his craft.

Chef Haller consulted with Atria on an annual basis, sharing his recipes and experience with our culinary team. “He was super-humble. He was very professional and had a wonderful sense of humor,” said Chad Welch, Atria’s Executive Chief of Culinary Operations, who worked alongside Chef Haller.

“He was an amazing chef and person. We appreciate him sharing his knowledge with us at every level of the culinary team.”

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Keeping things vibrant at Atria at Villages of Windsor

Posted on November 6, 2020 by Admin

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the residents of Atria at Villages of Windsor in Lake Worth, Florida, dined together in restaurants buzzing with conversation, danced around the pool, threw elaborate holiday parties and volunteered to read to students at local schools. Since the stringent safety protocols put into place in Marchthe community has found new ways to keep things vibrant while staying safe and socially distanced. 

To wow and dazzle 

“We work where our residents live.” This insight from Atria at Villages of Windsor’s Executive Director Judy Rotenberg, drives her service philosophy to wow and dazzle those we serve.” To achieve that goalRotenberg and her team have worked extra hard to create programs and events that everyone can do safely, no matter the circumstances. 

One solution has been to use the community’s internal digital channel that every resident can access from a smart TV or computer in their apartments. This channel offers opportunities for residents to tune into operas, plays and comedy performancesjoin fitness classes, or listen to experts speak on a variety of topicsto name a few.  

Other ways the staff has connected with residents include dropping by their apartments with “COVID Care Packages” – decorated bags with treats, hand sanitizer and other items – and inviting everyone to dress up for Jersey Day, the first day of the NFL season. To help residents stay active safely, an on-site physical therapy team hosts balcony workouts to offer more chances for everyone to enjoy the Florida sunshine.

As Kristin Brown, the Assistant Executive Director, said: “Our number one priority is to help residents feel safe and connected.”

Everyone has a voice 

Atria at Villages of Windsor is also using their internal digital TV channel to facilitate dialog between residents and directors. Before the COVID-19 pandemicthe community hosted town halls where residents could ask questions and share ideas. Now the staff sends out questionnaires to residents to gather their thoughts on how to make the community better. Rotenberg records the directors answering questions and plays those videos back to the community. “We’ve always prioritized open communication, and that’s especially true during the pandemic,” Rotenberg said. 

Bud Nadler, Atria at Villages of Windsor’s Resident Council President, agreed with Rotenberg. “The pandemic has thrown a monkey wrench into our lifestyle,” he said. “But I feel that my visits in the hallways as I encounter various other residents have helped make everyone understand what we’re going through as a group here at Atria.” 

Bud’s wife Lois addedI think he’s doing a splendid job.” 

Bud continued, “Thankfully, between what residents are doing, and the communication from the staff and our Executive Directorcoming forward with information that’s crucial to our lifestyle, we’ve felt quite reassured these days.”  


Learn more about how Atria Senior Living is helping residents stay safe, connected and engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic at AtriaSafeTogether.com. 

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