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Privacy Policy

Tthe information practices for Atria websites, including what type of information is gathered and tracked, how the information is used and with whom it is shared.

Terms of Use

We have established a few ground rules to help make this site helpful and safe for all our visitors.

Family Resources

These family resources for senior living are helpful for families and older adults who are seeking more information about senior living.


Answers to frequently asked questions about Atria Senior Living, including services, cost, policies, dining, activities, care, safety and more.

I’m Looking For Myself

For those considering senior living, a less complicated life at Atria can mean more choices, more freedom and more independence.

Sasha and Bambi

Must Love Pets

To Learn More About Atria Senior Living's Unique Pets and Programming, Visit www.atriaseniorliving.com Today!

Not all senior living providers offer pet-friendly communities, so when potential customers visit, they like hearing that their animal friends are welcome at Atria.  (more…)

Older Adults and Dehydration Risks - Atria Senior Living Blog

Older Adults and Dehydration Risks

Dehydration in older adults is common; however, caregivers can help prevent dehydration with a few simple actions.

For older adults, staying hydrated can be a challenge. According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, one in three older adults may not drink enough fluids each day due to physical and physiological changes common to aging,  such as: diminished thirst sensation, side effects of medications and incontinence. The inability to walk, reach for a glass or feed oneself can further complicate the issue. A decline in cognitive function (confusion, poor memory, etc.) can also impact fluid intake. (more…)


Atria Park of Pacific Palisades offers residents a simplified lifestyle with upscale amenities, elevated dining experiences and daily events. 


Atria Tarzana offers older adults a simplified lifestyle, with upscale amenities, elevated dining experiences and daily events and entertainment.