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Five Brain Foods That Boost Memory – Atria Senior Living Blog

5 Brain Foods That Boost Memory

These five brain foods contain nutrients proven to improve your brain health and boost memory

Culturally speaking, we place a great deal of emphasis on physical health and the actions we take to keep our bodies healthy. But what about our brains?  As some of us age, we experience a decline in cognitive ability, memory loss and a general lag in mental processing. So, it is important to focus on not only how we keep our bodies healthy, but also our brains.

A simple place to start is with your diet. (more…)

Motivating Older Adults to Engage in Fitness Programs

Atria on the Hudson promotes active aging and motivates older adults to reach new health and fitness goals.

September is Active Aging Month, and as senior living communities are busy preparing special events and celebrations, it’s important to focus on encouraging residents to regularly participate in health and fitness programs. (more…)

Benefits of Music for Seniors – Atria Senior Living Blog

“Jam Band”: Benefits of Music for Seniors

Music helps Atria staff and residents connect and offers many benefits in the aging process.

It’s impossible to imagine a world without music. It’s all around us, and for most people, music holds a special emotional value. Music has been shown to evoke strong responses. For instance, when hearing a song from your past, you often experience the same feelings originally associated with that memory. (more…)

Active Aging: Movement Is Your Best Medicine

Active Aging : Movement Is Your Best Medicine

Active aging encourages older adults to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional and mental states.”

Having worked for 32 years as a physical education teacher for people with disabilities, I connect with this statement by health coach Carol Welch. During my career I’ve taught individuals with a variety of special physical, emotional and cognitive needs, and I’ve witnessed firsthand how exercise improves not only their health and well-being (more…)

Family Resources

These family resources for senior living are helpful for families and older adults who are seeking more information about senior living.

Wit & Wisdom: What I’ve Learned – Atria Senior Living Blog

Wit & Wisdom: What I’ve Learned

Atria residents share bits of wit and wisdom with employees.

We asked the people who work every day in our communities to share the best life lesson an Atria resident has taught them. Here are a few things that really moved us and inspired us – so much that we wanted to pass them on to you. (more…)

Sparking Your Sense of Playfulness

Sparking Your Sense of Playfulness

Playfulness between seniors and caregivers is a healthy way to increase positivity and avoid caregiver fatigue.

I’d like to tickle your curiosity about playfulness, but first I’d like to share a true story about a caregiver.  [The names and identifying references have been changed to protect confidentiality.]

One day I received a phone call from a woman inquiring about therapy services. (more…)

favorite music

Music and Alzheimer’s

Music and Alzheimer’s have a unique connection. Our memories can be tied to a specific song and can help patients cope with Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects memory, thoughts and behavior. It is a form of dementia that progressively gets worse. There is currently no cure for the disease; however, treatments are available to deal with the symptoms. (more…)