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I Am a Survivor – Atria Elizabethtown

I Am a Survivor

Posted on October 16, 2014 by Admin

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I am a survivor.

My name is Jean McCubbin and I have lived at Atria Elizabethtown for nine years. My husband and I moved here because of his declining health, and after his death seven years ago, I elected to remain.

Although my husband’s Alzheimer’s caused us to move here in August 2005, I was also recovering from a mastectomy performed in April of that year.

I had not had regular mammograms for several years. The last one was very painful, so I decided to just do self-exams of my breasts.

While examining my left breast, I felt a lump about the size of one small grape. I called my doctor and he sent me to Hardin Memorial Hospital immediately. The doctors performed a biopsy and the results came back positive for cancer.

My left breast was removed within just a few days.

Since I was already 80 years old at the time, I decided not to have any reconstructive surgery. I have been very fortunate that the cancer has not spread, and that I did not need radiation or chemotherapy.

To this day I still examine my breast regularly, but have not had any further trouble.

I am a nine-year breast cancer survivor.

My advice to women is to check their breasts weekly. We know our bodies best.

I Am a Survivor – Atria Elizabethtown

– Jean McCubbin, Atria Elizabethtown resident


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