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Raymond Fox

Senior Thinking by Raymond Fox

Posted on December 7, 2013 by Admin

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One of the most important aspects of senior life is the opportunity to relax, visualize and evaluate your entire life from a different viewpoint.

During the past several years I have tried to cope with the death of my beloved wife. I found it possible to accept the agony of her absence without anger and depression and searched my life’s negative aspects, my relationships and values, seeking justification for such punishment.

Now that I have moved into a senior living community, which relieves me of basic daily chores and because my daily needs are minimized, I have more time for contemplation. I rise at 4:30 AM, make a cup of hot coffee and dress warmly. I take the coffee to my patio and stretch out on the glider and let my mind wander. Soon my eyes close and my muscles relax. The moon and stars slowly fade.

I doze a bit and when I awake I’m smiling. Like the moon and stars, negativity has faded. I’m thinking about my new friends here at Atria and about what I want to do today – not what I have to do. I’m no longer angry or depressed. Life has become pleasurable. Real. Acceptable. I can handle living alone. I can handle my advancing age. I can take each day as it happens.

- Raymond Fox, Atria Hacienda resident

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