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Tanglewood-Resident Poem

“Being Sad”: An Atria Resident Poem

Posted on April 4, 2014 by Admin

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Eva L., Atria Tanglewood resident, has a remarkable story. Born in Germany in 1925, she escaped the Nazis with the help of the Kindertransport, a rescue mission that took her to England at age 13. Unfortunately, she was separated from her parents and brother. She is a true inspiration to all in her community – the staff says she always reminds them to stay positive and hopeful, especially through her poetry. Read one of her poems below titled, "Being Sad."

There are times when we feel sad

Not even knowing what brought on the bad

We must shake it away

Bring happy thoughts to stay

There is so much to be grateful for

So much to enjoy – happiness right at the door

There is sunshine – birds singing – blue sky

Then we ask ourselves – feel sad? Why?

Get rid of sad thoughts – bring on the smile

That will make you feel great for more than a mile

So, keep going – enjoy being you

And that will really be true!

– Eva L., Atria Tanglewood resident

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  • Candace d'Holbach says:

    What a lovely poem! It is so full of an innate understanding of being positive and for giving thanks.

    I thank you for your sweet inspiration. My mother lives with me. She turned 95 at the end of February. She also thinks like you.

    Take care and so many Thank You-s again,