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Richard | Baseball Lover

Posted on March 6, 2015 by Julie Smead

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Baseball has always made an impact on Richard – once, quite literally.

As a boy, he cracked his head in the shower after baseball practice and was sent to his room to recuperate. Instead of staying in bed, he snuck out and hopped the train to a Yankees game. When his parents discovered what he’d done, they sent him to the Adirondacks – far away from Yankee Stadium – for the entire summer.

Richard couldn’t stay away for long; at the age of 16, the diehard Yankees fan witnessed Joe DiMaggio tie the record for consecutive hits during his legendary 56-game streak of 1941.

Today, Richard has four children and 24 grandchildren, which, he jokes, “is awesome, but not at Christmas.” His secret to longevity is “good care by my loving wife.”

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Photo by noted portrait photographer Mark Seliger.

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