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Atria Lynbrook Resident Publishes First Book

Nearly eight decades in the making, Atria Lynbrook resident and poet Jeanette Konwiser published...

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Active Aging, Wit & Wisdom

Help and support signpost

The Broken Headlight on the Mercury

Before learning how to help, you need to know when to help. A warning sign can be as subtle as a...

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Caregiver Support

Atria Meridian Resident’s Song, “Atria, You Are The 1”

Atria, You Are The One (To be sung to the tune of “Margie”)  Written by Dorothy Siegel,...

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Wit & Wisdom

Atria Rancho Park Couple

Atria Rancho Park Couple Renews Vows After 72 Years

After nearly 72 years of marriage, Lyle and Gail Isaacs finally got the wedding celebration they...

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Wit & Wisdom

Retired Senior Woman Sitting On Sofa At Home Using Tablet Computer

What Senior Living Communities Will Look Like in 10 Years

Like most other industries, the trends among senior living communities are rapidly evolving. The...

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News In Aging

Mother’s Butter Cookie Recipe | The Atria Kitchen

“We couldn’t afford a telephone when we first got married.” Atria on Roslyn Harbor...

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The Atria Kitchen

Howard and Claude S.

Love With Staying Power

In this day and age, love doesn’t always stand the test of time. But for Atria Meridian residents...

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Wit & Wisdom

John, Navy

Veteran John I. Unger, Atria Lafayette

Enlisted in the U.S. Navy August 11, 1939 and served 20 years, during the entire World War II and...

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Veteran Heroes

Dovie and Crystal

A Bond That Can’t Be Broken

Here at Atria, we talk frequently about the importance of social living and of being surrounded by...

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