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52 Weeks of Why and Wonder - Atria Senior Living Blog

52 Weeks of Why and Wonder

Posted on December 20, 2016 by Admin

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Our residents are the wisest people we know. We’ve learned from them that the wiser you are, the more you realize just how much more there is to know. You appreciate mystery and discovery. That’s curiosity.

Curiosity is often associated with childhood, but it motivates and invigorates people throughout their entire lives. Curiosity leads to greater well-being because it helps give us purpose. The promise of learning something we didn’t know, meeting someone interesting or discovering a new passion keeps us moving forward.

We wanted to offer our residents ways to explore and learn new things about themselves, others – and the world in general. Inspired by them and their 1.8 million combined years of experience, we created The Wisdom of Curiosity – a book and planner that provides the framework for an entire year’s worth of meaningful opportunities.

Join us on our blog and social channels as we follow our residents along their journey throughout 2017 as they explore, learn and grow through weekly challenges.

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