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5 Gifts Your Mom Will Tell Her Friends About – Atria Blog

5 Gifts Your Mom Will Tell Her Friends About

Posted on December 8, 2016 by admin

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I find myself worrying about my mom in much the same way I imagine she worried about me when I went off to college. She retired years ago but stays active volunteering and serving on boards. Mom isn’t ready for senior living just yet, but that doesn’t keep me from making sure she’s eating right, exercising, regularly engaging with friends and not clicking on email scams. Meanwhile, I’m balancing work, appointments, wedding planning, volunteering, social events, dog walking, workouts and kids’ ballgames. Time is scarce.

Each year, as Christmas approaches, I have the best of intentions to buy Mom something fantastic. I hang on every word when she’s complimenting a girlfriend’s new top or earrings – and try to make a mental note.

It’s not long before time runs short and I run out of ideas. Naturally, I go back to the tried-and-true cashmere scarf, the newest book from her favorite author or an art print. I feel like a failure of a daughter – shouldn’t I be buying my mom something really special?

This year I had a moment of clarity: I honor my appointments in my calendar…so what if I put time with Mom in my calendar? What if, instead of another gift from the mall, I give her something we can both cherish? Time together.

So I’ve decided to replace my usual cashmere wrap with Gifts of Time. Take a look at some of my more tried-and-true gift ideas below and replacement suggestions for a more thoughtful approach.

1. Old Standby: Celebrity cookbook
Thoughtful Take: Family cookbook

My mom is a fabulous cook and loves to cook for others, so we’re going to pull together a family cookbook made up of her recipes and those that were passed down to her from my grandmother and great-grandmother. Nothing beats a nostalgic afternoon, capped off with a beautiful keepsake to pass to my kiddos.

2. Old Standby: Restaurant gift card
Thoughtful Take: Dinner at Chez Moi

My mom has a fantastic palate, which she luckily passed on to me. Over the years, I have created my own classics and specialties that friends and those closest to me rave about. I’m going to invite Mom over and whip up a culinary creation for the whole family.

3. Old Standby: Another soft blanket
Thoughtful Take: A cozy new bedroom design

My mom has a ton of blankets and of those, she already has a favorite. Rather than giving her yet another blanket, I’ll help her redecorate her bedroom and set up a reading nook.

4. Old Standby: Assorted chocolates
Thoughtful Take: Coffee and dessert

My mom loves chocolates and can make a sweet treat last for months by breaking off one small piece at a time. She also appreciates and cherishes fine dining experiences. We have a classically trained French pastry chef in town who makes the most decadent treats, so I’ll take her to his bistro and we will share my favorite – the Gâteau Aux Trois Chocolat – over a cup of café.

5. Old Standby: Breakfast at Tiffany’s on DVD
Thoughtful Take: Family movie night

Yes, I hear you, it’s a classic. And my mom loves it. I also know she’d rather watch a movie with company and chat about it afterward. We’ll jump on Netflix, pop up some popcorn (hold the butter) and snuggle under her favorite blanket together.

So what are you going to buy your mom or dad this year? Go ahead, write down your ideas. Now throw out your list and consider spending time together. If you’re looking for more ideas and would like a lovely printout to hand deliver, visit AtriaGiftsOfTime.com. We welcome your ideas for Gifts of Time in the comments.

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