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Resident Enjoying Her Meal

The Menu

Posted on November 27, 2013 by Admin

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In any fine dining establishment, quality drives every decision – menu development, flavor profile, china and silver selection, and service philosophy.

Our residents are accustomed to the best dining opportunities the world has to offer, so why should their experience at Atria be any different?

It shouldn’t.

So, when it comes to menu development, our team focuses on quality above all else. Each day, we craft our selection of dishes from scratch and use local ingredients as much as possible at all of our communities.

Many assisted living providers dictate their menus from a corporate level and require every community to follow a set list of dishes, similar to cafeteria-style or school lunch dining. At Atria, our approach is more unique.

Our menus are developed at the community level by a Culinary Director and approved by a dietitian. The dishes must be nutritionally balanced, of course; otherwise, our chefs have free reign to craft and serve any dish they wish to present.

One of the most important, and uncommon, aspects of our menu is that we solicit resident direction. Our chefs actively engage our residents in the menu-planning process. If they have a favorite meal, our culinary geniuses will recreate it and feature it on the menu for all residents to sample. This is just one of the many ways we help our residents feel more at home when they become a part of our communities.

In the coming months, we’ll be featuring our Culinary Directors’ and residents’ dishes so you can also experience the delicious fare right in your own home!

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