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Iguana Stew Recipe | The Atria Kitchen

Posted on July 24, 2014 by Admin

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While this dish is not recommended or practical for meal preparation, this story had too much flavor to omit. Master Sergeant Charles Ohler was captured and held in a Japanese prison camp from July 4, 1944 to September 20, 1945. Atria is proud to have this veteran in our community.

Prep Time: Not long, once you’ve caught the iguana!

Servings: 5 – 6 hungry soldiers

This is a World War II survival recipe. Fighting in the Philippines, we put this concoction together to supplement our rations. Any other edibles can be added as found, but here’s what we used in the field:

1 iguana


wild peppers



Since we were out in the field, we had to prepare things as best we could. I wouldn’t recommend making iguana stew at home, but back then we had to make do with what we had… start by cutting the top off of a 5-gallon gas can and wash it out thoroughly. Skin and clean iguana and fish. Place all ingredients in gas can and bring to a boil over a fire. Let simmer all day, stirring as needed with rifle. 

– Chuck Ohler, Atria Manresa resident (pictured above).

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