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brings us together.


Meaningful connection starts with common ground.

At Atria, we believe people belong together. We are dedicated to creating opportunities for families, friends and neighbors to connect with one another in meaningful ways.

That’s why we created Atria StoryWise: Common Ground Edition as a special gift for our residents, whose wisdom and perspective have taught us that our differences aren’t nearly as important as the experiences, ideas and values we share.


Go forth and connect.
Anytime, anywhere.

Record and preserve stories forever with the Atria StoryWise app, featuring intriguing interview topics and ways to share your videos with friends and family.

Our Communities

Come experience a community built on connection.

Connection is what keeps us happy, healthy and human. The Atria StoryWise Discovery Series of thoughtfully curated events are among the many opportunities for growth and connection our residents enjoy every day. Schedule a visit to see how people are living better at Atria.

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