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Most likely, you have recognized some pretty serious shortcomings with your mom or dad's current living arrangement, and that's why you started searching for something different. You need something different.

Even though 24-hour home health is more expensive, many families choose it because they're overwhelmed by the thought of a move – not because it's the best solution. There can be so much more gained from choosing a vibrant assisted living community where your parents can escape the isolated home setting and not only live, but thrive.

The number one reason older people are concerned with moving to assisted living? The fear of losing their independence. But really, how independent is your mom now? She may not be able to drive or move around on her own, or she may need assistance with everyday tasks. As well-intentioned as you are, you can't do it all by yourself.

Think about what could be gained from a move – for her and for you. A nice, private apartment in an assisted living community is similar to a new condo, only better. With assisted living, she has the option of enjoying a beauty salon and delicious dining on-site. She can take part in exciting entertainment and social opportunities at her leisure. If she feels like relaxing in her apartment and watching TV, she can do that, too. The important thing is it's her choice – and options are always available.

You're not alone. Helping older parents deal with the challenges of aging is hard – for you and for them. When your parents were your age and faced the same challenge of helping older folks in the family, they had to do so much of it personally because there weren't other options.

No matter how hard you work, you simply can't provide the enriching lifestyle that comes with assisted living – including a real choice of meals and activities and friendships with people of their generation. It's not fair for you to put so much pressure on yourself and feel guilty that you can't do it all when assisted living is available to do just that – assist you (and your parents) to get the most out of life.

Modern assisted living communities aren't the "nursing home" your parents swore they'd never be forced to live in. This generation has better options. Assisted living is more like moving into a new condo building that provides a community full of active adults, events, choices and assistance when your mom needs it.
Trust your instincts. You started looking for a change because you knew a change was needed. Don't risk waiting and potentially having to react to a crisis. If that crisis does occur, skilled care in a nursing home will likely be required. Assisted living communities are a fraction of the cost of a nursing home. Reacting to a crisis could end up being far more costly than moving proactively to protect her independence and wealth.
Believe it or not, choosing assisted living early may actually be one of the best ways to protect her finances. The fact is that crises-driven responses cost a lot of money. An unfortunate but very real part of aging is that when something bad happens, it's expensive.

Assisted living communities can't promise that nothing bad will ever happen, but they can reduce that risk and provide immediate support when it's needed. Most who choose assisted living find that it not only makes for a better life, but also provides a reasonable approach for lessening the costly effects of a crisis.

Assisted living may not be the best option forever, but it's likely the best solution for you now. If you're worried about making a commitment, speak with an assisted living community about a short-term or retreat stay to get the assistance you need at this moment.

Sooner or later, you'll have to consider and make decisions about the family home. Most families who proactively take advantage of a short-term stay with assisted living gain more confidence in knowing what to expect with the move. They may also take their time in deciding about the house rather than having to manage that decision in the midst of a crisis.

Make certain that as you narrow down your assisted living options, you choose a community that allows for a 30- or 60-day notice in case you do change your mind. Many assisted living options require a hefty buy-in and long-term contracts, but there are also many great options that don't require this buy-in investment. Go for the 30- or 60-day notice so you have more flexibility.
Assisted living communities are built around engaging activities and dining experiences, apartments and amenities that support independence and freedom of choice with discreet assistance in the background.

Nursing homes are built around the very visible presence of skilled nursing.

Assisted living provides physical, emotional and social benefits for older adults and their families. Seniors enjoy a new lifestyle in a fulfilling environment where every day brings a new set of choices for interacting with their peers and the world around them. Meanwhile, their families enjoy the freedom of not being "on-call" 24 hours a day and the peace of mind of knowing their older parents are safe and thriving.

Among the services and amenities unique to each community, Atria residents enjoy:

  • Discreet support from a 24-hour staff*
  • Delicious, full-service dining experiences each day
  • Transportation to appointments and outings
  • Assistance with medication reminders*
  • Full monthly calendars of social, cultural, educational and entertainment events
  • Daily fitness opportunities
  • An emergency alert system in every room
  • Housekeeping, linen service and more

The most worthwhile conversations are often the most difficult to initiate.

Review this quick guide for having "The Talk" to help you get started.
*Some services available through on-site third-party providers at select communities.
We all need time to relax and recharge. Atria makes it possible. Contact us today to avoid the costs of waiting, and make a move to a better way of life.

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