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We will always be grateful to the supportive and thoughtful staff that made my dad's stay at Atria very happy and enjoyable.

- Jeffrey and Gretchen Maciejowski, Family Member
My mom, June, is very happy living at Atria and truly feels at home there. She has a lovely apartment and thoroughly enjoys the gourmet food, diverse activities, and excellent entertainment. She receives loving care from the staff -- they are so kind and thoughtful. Atria is beautiful -- and the staff make it feel as good as it looks! My whole family is so pleased and grateful that my mom lives in such a wonderful community.

- Laura Herbst, Family Member
My parents loved their time at Atria. They always spoke very highly of the staff, who took such great care of them and with whom they developed fond friendships. Living overseas, it was very comforting to know they were in such capable and caring hands. They will miss everyone there tremendously.

- Jeff Bennett, Family Member
I am Hope Grossman’s daughter and just want to let you know how happy my mother is at Atria Woodbriar. Every time we speak, she tells me how much she enjoys living at the Atria and how wonderful the staff is. She finds the other residents very interesting and warm and has made many new friends and is constantly stimulated by all the activities. At 87, her life has been changed for the better. Our family is so happy for our Mom, and appreciative of all the people at Atria who make it such a wonderful place to live.

- Jill Crovitz, Family Member
It is like a new lease on life: no cleaning, cooking, taking care of the home (inside or outside), no more being lonesome and tired from all we had to do. Now, I have fun each day, eat great food, and have loving people all around me. No fear of weather and safety. We have our private time when we want and friends all around. What more can anyone want? A dream come true. Thank you Atria Woodbriar. There is not enough room to say how great staff are and how much they do for us each day. I don't know where there is a place where you can have these wonderful people around each day. As we age and worry, they make us forget this as they show such love and care all the time. I want to recognize some staff. Diana Ellison, Joanne Filkins, Michelle Santos, Suzie Ferguson, Denise JOhnson, Caroline Buerke, O'Neil Stewart, Lynn Rebello, Edgar Bonilla, Paula Bliss, John Bacci, Diana Cassie, Muriel Terry, Heidi Griffiths, Vaughn Allen, Katherine Matto, Jason Coates, and Ellen Dolan. Thank you.

- Roberta Henricks, Resident
I cannot single out any one employee as every one that I have had contact with has treated me with kindness and respect. From the wonderful trio of maintenance men to the drivers of vans and limos all have made my stay at Atria a pleasant choice for independent living. Thanks to all.

- Maureen Sullivan, Resident
My father-in-law moved into Atria Woodbriar in July. The facility is just beautiful and every staff member is outstanding. Everyone has a smile and warm welcome each time I visit. They truly care about the residents and it shows. Thank you for being so caring.

- Karin Johnson, Family Member
I would like to commend Cheryl, who is employed on the second floor at Atria, for her sincere interest and care of the residents at Atria. She is always positive and smiling and has been a blessing to my Father, Albert Barsamian, and our family. Sincerest gratitude to Cheryl.

- Donna Barsamian, Family Member
It is hard to please everyone (even in your family) so it is almost impossible to do it here. The staff is the most helpful and caing in every way - kudos to all.

- Mary Lewis, Resident
I like the activities, Engage Life Director Melissa Bielinski is excellent, helpful and creative.

- Don Bennett, Resident
So happy to see Ellen's smiling face at the desk. Joanne is wonderful also - she remembers my breakfast which she always has ready for me. Not to forget Michelle and Muriel who are wonderful. Last but not least, Diane who helps me a lot!

- Linda Worrest, Resident
I find that Woodbriar Place gives me a sense of security and caring. Staff members are very helpful.

- Cecelia Lesho, Resident
Compassion is the key word. Dedication by all. Betsy!

- Dick Peotrowski, Resident