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My husband and I, are very grateful for the fabulous people here at Atria who are so helpful.You are all AMAZING!!!

- Harvey and Gloria Cohen, Resident
First and foremost I would like to say that the entire community is filled with life and energy. It looks like a fantastic 5-star hotel. I enjoyed a lovely tour from Sharon who was a complete sweetheart.The dining room looked stunning. And the unit was beautiful. Overall I would recommend this place to many, and the only reason my mother didn't move in was because it was a little bit too far from us. Overall the complex looked outstanding!

- Anon., Toured Community
My mom has been a resident for two years and loves her apartment at Atria Tarzana. I came to visit her for the first time in February (2017), and couldn't find enough adjectives to describe this luxury living. Her apartment is beautiful, the staff is extremely friendly, the meals were delicious, and residents could participate in a variety of activities (i.e.,painting, jewelry making, computers, fitness center, special movies, cards, sing-alongs, group bus rides to various places, special events for the holidays, and I could go on and on. I was impressed with every aspect of the Atria. Right now I'm missing the bagels, lox and cream cheese! I'm returning in a few months to visit mom and see the residents I met the first time. YUM

- Irene Kay, Family Member
I want to thank all the Atria Tanglewood staff for the wonderful care they have given to my mom. I live out of state and the staff have gone above and beyond to help my mom who has had a difficult transition into Assisted Living. It has given my family and myself peace of mind that mom is in good hands. I particularly want to thank Larissa and Amy who have shown what excellence and compassion is all about. Bettina Willuhn, Family Member

- Bettina Willuhn, Family Member
I love it here! I love the staff and all of my neighbors. I couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you

- sherry pechet, Resident
Lovely staff, good food, and great service!

- Trudy , Resident
I have made so many good friends living here and the staff is so wonderful.

- Judy ferber, Resident
There are so many wonderful people that I want to shout out Kudos to at Atria that it would take me so long that i'd miss the woderful dinner the chef has planed tonight! Eveyone, and I mean everyone has inbetter my life termendously ! I feel safe and cared for like Ive never felt before...I can Live independently but still have grardian Angels ready to assist me whenever im in need. Thank you Atria, Your wonderful carring staff has made my life suppreme!

- Barry Goldberg, Resident
The best staff in the world!! From Sarah and Luci's management to Rafi and Shaq and Lucas upfront, everyone is always helpful and friendly. I always chat with Carlos when he takes my car… What a terrific guy! I feel my mother is in the best hands anywhere!

- Bruce Wiener, Family Member
I know my mom and dad are well cared for at Atria Tarzana.A compassionate and caring group of professionals that take care of their every need with a smile. Thank you Team Tarzana for caring for my parents.

- Michael Khan, Family Member
Jay has been at Atria for almost a year now and I can tell you it's the people that keep us here. Like Rafi who encourages Jay to get out and join in and reminds him EVERY DAY to drink his water. Like Edwin who drives Jay to his Tuesday morning breakfast with the boys, who when Jay got sick at the restaurant held him in his arms until the ambulance came, Like Shaq who is ever-patient with our entire family when we call and ask him if Jay's OK because he didn't answer the phone. Like Nune who is always there with a smile ready to help, and Sarah who stays accessible to all the residents even when she probably doesn't want to hear any more complaints, and Irma who works so hard but is always happy; and Julio, Jordan and Diego who are ALWAYS in the apartment fixing the TV or the computer or changing filters or hanging pictures; Francis and her "girls," and especially Silvia who cleans the apartment on Tuesdays and keeps it just so. The entire kitchen staff, chefs and waiters, Chef Mario, Carlos Jr., Ulyssis Melvin, and the rest and especially Chester and Angela who are EVER PATIENT and wonderful to all my family, and especially to Jay, who they take care of at every meal. Carlos even walks with Jay and encourages him to sit in the fresh air. Carlos, who when his apartment burned down and had nowhere to live STILL showed up everyday with a smile! Lucy, Aricelli, Karen and all the yellows who tuck Jay in every night and are always there to lend a hand when we need them. The food is fair, the building is fine, this whole certification business you put us through is a pain, but is fine as long as nothing about Atria's staff is tampered with - They are your claim to fame - They make Atria worth the monthly rent - They are your ace in the hole because They are Atria. They are loyal, hardworking, caring, superlative people, and you are fortunate to have them on staff and we are the lucky ones because we have all of them on Jay's team. I'm sure I've forgotten some names but rest-assured we are grateful to everyone who works at Atria Tarzana day after day!

- Brenda Lowy, Family Member