Reviews of Atria Tamalpais Creek

Reviews of Atria Tamalpais Creek

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My father moved into Atria Tamalpais Creek at age 95 when I could no longer care for him in my home. The staff there became “my village,” all helping him thrive. He loved the food, the assistance bathing, the housekeeping and laundry services and especially the social interactions and activities including daily movies, speakers and performers and outings. Both his life and mine were enriched by his experience there. We should all be so lucky to enjoy the lifestyle enabled by the staff at Atria.

- Vicki Grenewetzki, Family Member
I love the food here! Best coffee I have ever had.

- Lillian DeNardo, Resident
Amazing employees-- all of them -- positively engage with the residents and family and do whatever is needed to take care. The food service and cleaning staff are truly exceptional in their warm interactions. Also being aware of who has been out of their apartment that day and whether they are eating well. And if not, checking in and offering choices. This isn't a service that was on the list, but just part of what they do at Atria.

- Chris Wall, Family Member
The employees and residents are pleasant, the food is great. The building is beautiful and I like the cleanliness. I like it here, or else I wouldn't be here.

- Shirley Giorgi, Resident
They are nice and helpful. Someone is always there when I need assistance.

- Muriel Schacht, Resident
Everything - the food, the people - it's like being on a cruise ship!

- Ann Mellen, Resident
If you haven't seen it for yourself, please stop by for a tour! Your very first greeting at the community will be from one of our friendly and helpful concierges. I want to thank each and everyone of them: Merrilee, Tina, Sarah, Allie and Jackie for making our guests feel right at home!

- Carolyn Kory, Employee
I really like the food!

- John E. Silver , Resident
The place is really safe.

- Gil Dowd , Resident
I really like the food and the room.

- Robert Mohr, Resident
There is lots of people to have company but also enough time to have solitude

- Sylvia Koontz, Resident
You really take care of me. I cant do much and your care givers are A+. Everyone is so patient.

- Ellen Brinkman , Resident
It makes me feel great to go on the lovely scenic drives and bring back great thoughts of the past when I came out with family for picnics and such. Life is great and fun. Bringing my daughter Debra (who is a saint) and almost loves helping residents. It is so wonderful to get out of Atria and feel the spirit of being out!

- Kay Phillips , Resident