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My mom has been at Atria Riverdale for a few years, the most recent ones being in the Life Guidance community. She enjoys the company of fellow residents, engaging activities, caring and attentive staff, and feeling safe and secure. From the reception staff in the lobby, to the administrators and directors, food and cleaning service people, to the hands-on day to day caregiving professionals, I know that mom is well cared for and her needs are met. I would recommend, and I have recommended, mom's "home" to others. As a daughter, I appreciate the opportunities to connect with others who have also made the hard decision to place a loved one away from familiar surroundings. It's all very comforting. Thanks to all for providing a caring environment for mom, and peace of mind for families, too.

- Phyllis G, Family Member
My husband moved to Life Guidance and for the first time in months he began to feel happy, which in turn had the same effect on me. Staff were amazing, helpful, and always professional. I love Atria.

- Sheila, Family Member
We appreciate the high quality of care and good training of staff and the spirit of genuine care for the residents

- Steve, Family Member
To: Robert and Gjekote, (maintenance staff)I can't thank you enough for the efficiency and artistry with which you cleared part of our deck making sitting there seem like lounging amidst marble sculptures. I shall long remember the lovely space you created out of snow.

- Trudy Linfeld, Resident
As a pianist and performing artist, I can say: What a beautiful experience it is performing on piano for both the assisted living and memoir care residents at Atria! At a recent performance for your Life Guidance residents, everyone sang as I played favorite songs like "When the Saints Go Marching In," "Moon River," "It's a Small World After All," and many more. I explained that, when I was a journalist, I'd interviewed the Apollo astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, and how he described his experience of seeing Earth from space, and the revelation that we really are a small world, after all. Then we sang "This Land Is Your Land" and a medley finale that ended with "Twinkle, Twinkle." At the end, one of the residents came to the piano, looked me in the eyes, and with complete lucidity said, "You have no idea the gift you've given me. I'm so happy. I feel like I'm in heaven." Indeed, that's the gift she and all the residents give me! Thank you for the joy of performing at Atria Riverdale. In every occasion, it's clear that the human spirit is unfettered by any limitation!

- Jessica Roemischer, Family Member
My mother lived at Atria Riverdale and the experience was profoundly positive. She made friends, and loved the activities and the food. She felt secure knowing help was available. The hands on staff were so kind and helpful from housekeeping, concierge, maintenance, to nursing assistants. Nancy in Engage Life was a real hero. She is truly gifted at her job. The volunteers who came to run Sabbath programs made my mothers life so full and meaningful. I feel proud and grateful that we chose Atria Riverdale.

- Rena Hyman, Family Member
Leslie and Ibrahima, or "Abe" as I like to call him, are two of the best wait staff we have. Abe makes friends very easily, he is a nice person and provides excellent service. Leslie is also a pleasure. She knows what's expected of her and she is a delight to be around!

- Raymond Kanner, Resident
There is a strong feeling of home here at Atria Riverdale. Everyone treats the residents nicely! Walking into the community, especially after the renovations -- with the new chairs and look, you feel very welcomed. Any issues I have had have been resolved quickly. We have a wonderful Wellness staff, Mustafa and Atimah especially are incredible at what they do.

- Marcy B., Resident
One of my favorites here at Atria Riverdale, is Laura Rios. She is very accommodating, nice and she is very helpful!

- Doris Cole, Resident
I like the all the staff members here, especially Cindy and Maria. Everything is done well here and for the last two years, I have enjoyed my time here and the friends I have made. Our drivers are also very good and pleasant men who help us with many things!

- Rita McCartin, Resident
Cindy Pooran and Nancy Chaikin ----- My mother-in-law has been a resident for over 2 years here. I serve as her power of attorney and health care proxy (Anita Lappert, 1406.) I have found the two staff members identified above most professional, congenial and attentive to all the various issues that come up in a day. They reflect most positively on your entire institution.

- Dr. Steven Benardo, Family Member
AnneMarie at the Front Desk has a "smiley voice." When she says "good morning," she always sounds cheerful. She makes the residents feel she is happy to see them. The Dining Room staff: Unique, LeSean, Regine and Sasha are also cheerful and very responsive. Nancy and her staff in Engage Life plan interesting and excellent programs for us every day!

- AZ, Resident
Nancy, the Engage Life Director, is our "leader." She does an outstanding job planning our programs. She also runs our Men's Group and we enjoy it so much. All her staff: Cindy, Maria and Laura, work really hard and are exceedingly helpful.

- Stanley Margulies, Resident
I've met many of the staff here, all of whom have been polite, caring and helping. However, some deserve a special shout-out, in particular Cindy and Maria in the Engage Life Department. Since I'm relatively technologically/computer illiterate, they've familiarized me with my phone and computer. Also they've shown great humor and patience in doing so. They have planned interesting trips, asking our opinions on programs/movies. I'd like to thank the two drivers here -- Edwin and Ricky. Having been a lifelong resident of Manhattan -- the Bronx/Riverdale was a foreign country to me. They've been very helpful in pointing out different areas of interest to me and the history of the Riverdale. Our wait staff and front desk personnel are exceptional within their roles at the Atria Riverdale.

- Arleen Wahrman, Resident
I find that whenever I need any information of any kind, whether programs or questions, they are extremely helpful and they guide me where to go. After I returned from the hospital, I would sometimes need help and they were always very kind and concerned. For that I am very thankful!

- Santa Vagge, Resident
All the housekeeping staff are excellent. Flutur, especially, has been extremely helpful and courteous to my mother. She cares not only about the cleanliness and neatness of her apartment, but also my mother's well-being. I feel good knowing that people like Flutur are on the Atria staff.

- Steven Green, Family Member