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Atria provided my Mom with a full, well-balanced lifestyle. The caring staff always catered to her needs, whether large or small. After a few short months, many of the staff became "family" whose friendships we will forever cherish. Mom had more friends than any 103 year old in history. As she often said, "it's my style..", and Atria living was truly "her style."

- Annette Aloisio, Family Member
The food was excellent! Service was wonderful. Everybody had a good time. It was a hot but wonderful Labor Day! Let's hope we can repeat it!

- Ray Rosen, Resident
Atria on Roslyn Harbor is an exquisite property. The food the views and the staff are all second to none. I knew from the second I walked through the front door. This is the community for us.

- Jennifer R, Toured Community
I just want to say how much I enjoyed recieving a card, so much so that I wanted to write a review. I think that Mr. Brown and his team do a great job hiring the most efficient staff available. Living here, I enjoy the comradery of the community and the programs that are offered. I also love the security and closeness of the building. Thanks for all you do!

- Edith Gordon, Resident
The staff at the Atria Roslyn is superb. They always know how to make my mom happy. Thanks to everyone for all their hard work.

- Edward R., Family Member
Catherine at the front desk is always there for me when I need her. She is friendly and comforting. She is an angel!

- Muriel K, Resident
A wonderful place to start a new life. Yes, I loved living in my home but I decided it was better to be closer to my family. It was the best decision I ever made.

- Dorothy, Resident
Every time I visit my father he tells me about the fun poker games and blackjack. He has a lot of great relationships with other men in the community, and he never had that before. It makes me realize how much more he is thriving at the Atria.

- Linda, Family Member
My family friend lives at the Atria and every time I visit her we have a wonderful lunch and enjoy playing Mahjong together. They have a large double card room with plenty of residents to play with. This is an active community that many people enjoy.

- Nancy, Family Member
The dining room staff is so accommodating. They always make sure you get whatever you need and more.

- Lucy, Resident
I think the staff here is the best. I am very happy with the food, and the opera program is my favorite.

- Florence Davis, Resident
Mom moved to the Atria about a year ago and she has never been better. She met so many new friends that don't leave her side. Anytime I call she is either playing mahjong, exercising, at a lecture, or "busy." This makes me feel so good. The staff is wonderful whenever I visit, this place is a true goldmine.

- Steven, Family Member
I must say the Atria on Roslyn Harbor experience is unrivaled. Beautiful facility, great staff, overall wonderful atmosphere (and the food was amazing might I add!) I hope this place is around when I retire I should be so lucky!

- bill heisner, Toured Community
This community is beautiful, the help always goes above and beyond. Anytime I need assistance they send someone up for me. There is a lot of opportunity to meet people during programs and the staff helps you find friends which is helpful. The front desk is always a cheerful first stop in the morning. I enjoy the cocktail hour and concerts. Really the best place around.

- Doris, Resident
Great Staff, good food, lots of things to do!

- Walter, Resident
The number one reason why the Atria on Roslyn Harbor is the best independent living facility for my mother is because of Kristen. The devotion and kindness that she gives is second to none. She makes my mother and I feel like family and that is why my mother is thriving there. She is dedicated to making everyone happy and does an amazing job. We are so fortunate to have her in our lives.

- Denise Tayne, Family Member