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Best of the best. After being here for over 1 year we can really appreciate what is offered here. The time has flown by. This location is awesome. In a 2 mile radius you will find the best shops in the state, more entertainment, restaurants, theaters, and a true luxury environment. This is no buy-in facility but a simple direct rental with a 1 year lease. Everything is included. The activity schedule fills up everyday and has something for everyone. We especially enjoy the Tuesday night dinner out. The spacious bus takes us to a new restaurant where we dine and share experiences with other residents. Of course Bingo is popular but so is the Gospel sing along and so much more. We love our spacious apartment with a full kitchen and a large view porch. Every season is spectacular. While the food selections are healthy and varied, the preparation is competently cooked by certified chefs. The Atlanta area is known for its Southern Hospitality and Atria North Point has it in abundance. Everyone is so friendly that I feel right at home. The health facilities are modern and well staffed. And, many world class hospitals are just minutes away. I feel secure knowing we can receive care in just minutes. I feel safe here. Management is active and quickly attends to any problem that might arise. My family loves to come visit and sometimes we will delay their visit as we are so busy. We are so lucky to have found our new home. Happy-Happy. !!!!! Lawrence Connelly

- Lawrence Connelly, Resident
I moved into Atria Northpoint in 2019. I have made wonderful friends and love all the activities especially Bridge and Bingo. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I enjoy eating in their dining room and find the food delicious. We often have parties and live entertainment. I am so thankful for the excellent care I have received. I love Atria Northpoint!

- Hilda Weinberg, Resident
It has been a pleasure to work with Atria North Point. They truly care about their residents and ensure they have the best of services. I ‘d recommend Atria North Point to friends and family, you will be very pleased with their services.

- Gerard Butler , Family Member
I have witnessed the staff at Atria Northpoint caring for residents on the everyday things, the small things and the big things as they offer villas, independent, assisted and memory care. And I have seen positivity in every role from food to administration to maintenance and cleaning.

- Lisa Malvea,
While searching for a senior facility for our 88-year-old Mother, my sister and I explored ten senior living communities in North Fulton then visited seven of those ten for tours. The moment we walked into Atria North Point and met our sales rep, we knew we had hit the jackpot. The community itself, the dining experience, and the staff are exceptional. Furthermore, they are honest, friendly, caring, and sincere! We chose Atria North Point and are so happy that we did!

- Yvonne Wichman and Miriam Murray, Family Member
My father lived at Atria for several years both in the independent and the assisted living wings. The management and staff were wonderful and provided my dad and I so much care, encouragement, and friendship over the years. We so loved having everything right there including the therapy services. Everyone is so caring and welcoming. They became family and were a great support to me in the last year of my fathers life. He truly loved living here and made many friends. I highly recommend Atria for those looking for a loving environment for their family members.

- Claire Wilson, Family Member
I cannot forget Ann Marie who keeps our apartment spotless, Lisa and Flo at the concierge desk and I know there are others I have forgotten but I have not found one person who doesn't deserve Atria Love! Jan Stephens

- Jan Stephens, Resident
Kudos and thanks to the Maintenance men, John, Jeff, Pete, Emerson and the rest for their knowledge and promptness and to the staff of Engage Life for all the great activities they plan. We also appreciate the resident volunteers for the Library and all the other areas where they help.

- Bob Stephens, Resident
Always available to me a constant encourager. Great teacher helping me master the computer. Excellent role model to all.

- Arline Berman, assisted living, Resident
I am very grateful to Thomas for his courteous, good care and always with a smile ! He always makes our trips so pleasant, safe and fun. He truly cares about the residents and proves his job well done each and every time.

- Betty U., Family Member
Thomas is certainly one of our most favorite! He is always smiling, courteous, considerate and helpful in every way! He makes our days brighter and our trips safe and fun. We can always count on Thomas! My family and I appreciate him!

- Betty Underwood, Resident
Thomas is always pleasant and helpful throughout the day. A great attitude and pleasure to assist the residents.

- Lois Snyder, Resident
Emma and Precious are always a breath of fresh air in the morning. They are always pleasant and helpful to everyone, regulars or new residents who are in need of help and understanding. They are an asset to Atria and their rating is 5 stars.

- Bob Crismond, Resident
Donna Devery at the concierge is very helpful, cooperative and cheerful. She always brightens my day!

- Bob Jacobs, Resident
What would we do without them? Donna and staff solve our problems and our wonderful, considerate drivers,Thomas and Obesta, get us safely to doctors. I cannot forget Max, Julie, Carrie, Natasha, Rosa, Chelsea, Ed, Bill, Brandon and the Genesis group-I could go on and on-I am blessed to be with such wonderful folks!

- Jan Stephens, Resident
Winsom, who cleans our apartment and changes the linens is dependable and friendly. She does an excellent job. She has a beautiful smile. Sally and Norm Protiva.

- Sally Protiva, Resident
Thomas drives the residents to and from errands, and doctor's appointments etc. He is always kind and caring and often goes above and beyond what is expected of him- he does it with a smile always. He is very much appreciated by me.

- Elaine Glauberg, Resident
He is ideal employee, always pleasant, considerate, aware of the resident's needs, and on time. He enjoys his time with the residents. I also think William, a server, is very efficent, pleasant, and kind.

- Jean Parsons, Resident
Julie Townsend (sales office) and Gus Plakiotis (Executive Director) are two of the "original" staff still here, after getting promotions and moving "up the ladder". They are still among the most caring and responsive of the staff.

- Jere Justus, Resident
Naomi is always a love. Helpful in every way. Brings my fresh fried eggs to the table every morning along with my other breakfast items. Gives me a hug, which this old boy likes. A wonderful start of the day like that makes you want to stay with Atria.

- Jim Sanders, Resident
Thomas is a teriffic person. He is friendly and likable. He is helpful to the residents on his bus. I look forward to riding with him.

- The Flower Lady, Resident
What a great place! I live in Massachusetts and visit my mother regularly. Each time I visit I feel so much better seeing the care Mom receives. ALL your employees always greet her with a smile and sweet comment. You can see the affection and caring they have. From maintenance to cleaning to nursing and office staff, they are exceptional.When I call with a question DEBORAH AT THE AL CONCIERGE DESK is always friendly and extremely helpful. She is a big asset to Atria.Pia is exceptional as the head of nursing... she is on top of things and very caring. The male nurse Terrell is wonderful as well. These are just three of the names I remember. It's a great place. Mom is happy and well cared for and I am reassured she is in good hands.

- Gloria Lash, Family Member
Jane Sandowe is always available to answer a question and help me with my Dad. Debbie, the receptionist in assisted living ,always has a smile on her face and is there to help me when I need assistance. Thanks Jane and Debbie.

- Mari Lynn Burdeshaw, Family Member
The staff at Atria Northpoint are all great. They are compassionate, warm and caring to all residents. When we needed somewhere to transition my mom to after leaving rehab following a car accident in another state, the staff made the process easy and seamless. In particular, Carrie Hooe has been exceptional in helping us with any questions and making sure mom was comfortable and well received. I cannot thank her enough for the support and guidance she has provided during this challenging time for our family.

- Donna Stephenson, Family Member
Donna at the front desk is courteous, friendly, accommodating and caring. She always addresses residents by their name. It is always a pleasure seeing her there.

- Pat Clark, Resident