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I was recently able to visit my grandmother and she was so happy as I entered the building while they were having a Hawaiian luau!!!I would strongly recommend this facility to anyone!

- Roxanne , Family Member
I have worked for the company as a housekeeper for 24 years and I couldn’t be any happier with my experience. The company really cares for you and does it’s best to make you feel welcomed at all times. The residents are my favorite part of my job. They are friendly and make me look forward to going into work every day!

- Marylou Terrero, Employee
I am blessed every day that my dad is a member of the Marland Place Community. Each staff member is always kind, thoughtful and completely respectful of the needs of each resident. The last several months has been an extraordinary time for everyone. Covid 19 has effected all of us, especially people like me who have elderly parents in their life.During this time, the Marland staff has gone above and beyond everyday to keep our loved ones safe, healthy and emotionally stable. The communication with family members from the Administrators , has been outstanding! We are kept informed no matter how small the issue is. I want to send a huge thank you to each and every staff member. You all work so hard everyday to make certain that the quality of care is nothing less than exceptional. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

- Cheryl Hackett/ daughter of Alan Sibulkin, Family Member
I feel I MUST commend Atria and staff for the fastidious care they display on a daily basis to keep our loved ones safe!!! They take the time to send pictures of our Mom which, clearly, brightens our day to see her smiling! May you stay safe and our deepest thanks to all of you!

- Anne M Feeney, Family Member
Everyone and I mean EVERYONE comments on the cleanliness and the friendly and caring staff. The cleanliness is evident from the moment you drive onto the property. The landscaping is impeccable. Once you enter the facility, the pristine condition of the front desk and seating area are only surpassed by the smiles and genuine, not fake, smiles and welcome you get from the front desk staff. We are so pleased with my Mom's care!

- Colleen M., Family Member
Both my parents have lived at Atria Marland Place for a little over a year and it has been life changing for them! The staff is wonderful, the food is excellent, the social life they have is busier than mine. My parents take part in a lot of activities there but the beauty of Marland Place is that’s it’s up to you how much you want to participate. The great thing also is how they involve the residents families in a lot of events. And the best part is we all have piece of mind knowing they’re safe and happy!

- Randy W. , Family Member
My Mom has resided at Atria Marland for about 21/2years. A transition from independent home living to Assisted living was not an easy decision. From the first day our family walked in for an interview we knew we were in the right place and have never regretted our decision for a single minute. The warmth, the caring , the individual attention , the professionalism is exemplified from each and every staff member. David, Mary, Nick are key figures and go above and beyond to both residents and family members but it doesn’t end there. Each and every staff are always pleasant, smiling and embrace the residents as there own family! Activities are more than plentiful and always changing so as to engage everyone’s likes. Our Mom is as happy as we are. We know she’s safe and well cared for and she too has that same security. Just a simple Thank you to each and every staff member!!! The Gallo Family

- Diane Coletta, Family Member
It would be difficult to express my gratitude for just one Atria team member. There are so many people that exceed the expectations I have for the safety, comfort, and care of my beloved parents. David is a phenomenal ED. He is thoughtful, kind, wise, and very dedicated. Ann is kind and pleasant and so helpful. Sara makes our entire family feel comfortable... when she's there, we're all confident that the ship will sail smoothly. Barbara is AMAZING! She is full of energy and enthusiasm. So kind and caring and genuine. An asset to Atria in a million ways. Denise in the bistro is great. Her luncheon specials are prepared with love and thoughtfulness. She knows what the residents want before they even ask for it! There are a hundred others that I could mention too, but space is limited. Atria Marland Place management and staff are wonderful and it's been my pleasure to get to know them all.

- Lizabeth Bowen, Family Member
Mary Mazza is a terrific person. She seems to work 24-7 everyday and ALWAYS provides what you ask for. She is a valuable asset to the Atria and seems to be everyone's favorite.

- Pat Hall 226, Resident
My mother-in-law lives at Marland Place. She loves it and considers it her home now. The employees are outstanding (especially the aides) and always have a smile on their face and a hello for everyone. Mary and Barbara are outstanding people and so upbeat and positive. And my mother-in-law thinks the quality of food is like being at a restaurant.

- Marcia Haskell, Family Member
I recently had the opportunity to eat with my grandparents in Abrahams restaurant - everything was wonderful! The food was delicious, our server - Chrissie was so nice to everyone and always had a smile, and every table seemed to be enjoying themselves. I will be sure to visit and have another meal with my grandparents soon!

- Olivia , Family Member
Ellen, my wife, and I have been here four months and the service has been excellent! This is especially true because of the great service of the Engage Life Director, Mary Mazza! Any time we've had a problem, we call and she is right there to help us with a smiling face. She goes out of her way to help us and we are so thankful for her service.

- John Gallant, Resident
My parents, John and Ellen Gallant, live at Atria Marland Place in Andover. They have been there for six months. It was a very difficult decision for our family to make this transition for our parents, but based on the incredible welcoming attitude of the staff at Atria Marland, it was the right choice for them. This is due in great part to the dedication, compassion, and positive spirit of Mary Mazza, the Engage Life Director there. They always speak so highly of her, and we can't thank her enough. Mary, you've blessed them with your friendly spirit! Thank you!

- Ginny Toland, Family Member
I am very happy with Atria Marland Place. The staff is caring and responsive and work hard to ensure the safety of the residents.

- Joyce Watson, Family Member
My dad recently moved into Atria Marland Place and is overjoyed! All the employees -- from Sara and all the the friendly front desk; Laura, Marilyn, and Alisia on the Nursing team, the fabulous smiling ladies who assist with his care and meds, the catering/dining family, and the maintenance folks who couldn't do enough to help with the move in (sorry I can't remember everyone's names!), he's only been there a short time, and we consider you our friends. It's traumatic to move from your home of 40 years; nonetheless, my father is so happy and shares with everyone his excitement about his new home. The residents are great fun, from J, who is always cruising the halls with a friendly word, to D and M next door, to the gorgeous ladies who get completely decked out for dinner. We didn't think he'd participate in the activities, but one of the women on the front desk (Barbara?) who leads some activities got him interested. He loves it, and they found out that they share a love of foreign travel, so they're going to work together on a joint slide show of a few of their trips. The facilities are sparkling and trendy. The pub, bistro, theatre, and restaurant are top notch, and the food is delicious. When we were considering assisted living facilities, my father insisted on being in his beloved hometown of Andover. He has a beautiful view of the town from his room, and invites his local friends in to dine with him. One of the best decisions he ever made. Thank you, for all you do, Atria Marland family. You've helped restore my dad's vitality and made this one of the happiest times in our lives.

- B Ryan, Family Member
All the staff at Atria Marland Place do an excellent job - but I feel the need to point out the exceptional work done by the care staff. In this field of work, it is never an easy role to fill, but the care and dedication this group displays every day is commendable. They take the time to make sure that little things are always taken care of, and also to make sure every resident feels they are the only one they need to care for that day. I have never seen them appear rushed, and they always have a smile and greeting for everyone!

- Sue L, Family Member
I would like to say the staff is wonderful and caring. Atria Marland Place has given me the opportunity to retain my independence and exposed me to my creative side. I have now found confidence in myself and have made many lifelong friends in this community. I have made many accomplishments through the encouragement of Mary Mazza. She leads us to believe in ourselves. I now believe in myself more than ever before. I enjoy all the social activities that I partake in everyday. If it wasn't for Mary Mazza knowing each resident and working with them to encourage them to be independent we feel we have become one big family.

- MaryPat Murphy, Resident
Jessica Feliz is a wonderful aid - very helpful, very caring, does everything you need without being asked. She supplies her own garbage bags for we are always out of them. She always washes my protective mattress cover. Always listens and gives great advice. A real comfort.

- Rita Lipman, Resident
My sister is a resident at Atria Marland Place. She receives outstanding care and compassion from all. I adore all the employees, but I must mention Mary Mazza. Mary sits with the residents at lunch, crafts etc. asking if they're happy with the meal, and craft they would like to do. Mary greets all with a smile! She aims to please!

- Laurie I., Family Member
I have a loved one who has been at Atria Marland Place in Andover, MA for about seven years. It was her choice from the begining over the many retirement places we looked at together. The primary person in charge sets the standard for the community and she was superior. All of her succesors are also. As my loved one has grown older, Marland Place's care for her has increased with consistant attentiveness. She loves her clean and ample size room which has a great view of the mill river. And she is always out and about on the 'Main Street' visiting. She has been very at home and content here.

- B. Lane Hoffman, Family Member