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I have lived at Atria at the Arboretum for 5 1/2 years and have never regretted my decision to move here. I have seen lots of changes over the years, and they have all been positive ones that have resulted in a "top-notch" senior living community. I like everything about this community, but if I had to name one thing, I would say the staff. We have the best director in the business, and from every director to every employee, we are treated with respect and genuine caring. The staff is extremely helpful and very friendly. The staff members seem to take pride in their work and are very professional.

- Louise Waddill, Resident
Malcolm, the food that you and your chefs prepare for the residents and staff is DELICIOUS. I've eaten foods that I have never eaten before. I'm so glad that I decided to try something new!!

- Caren Billingsley, Employee
I want to tell you how proud I was at the way Elisa, our chauffeur, handled the accident that occurred yesterday while she was driving me. She had to quickly assess the situation while the other driver (who swerved into our lane to hit us) was driving away. Elisa had to follow her, tell her she was hit, and get her to turn off into a parking lot to exchange information. Elisa kept her cool and was totally professional during the entire incident. She did everything right. Michael (another chauffeur) came immediately to help her and me. He was amazing and helpful (and even got me to my appointment on time!). Thank you to Michael and Elisa who do everything to accommodate all of us, and do extra things to be helpful, timely, and caring. Thank you and best regards.

- Saraine Corn, Resident
I would like to acknowledge that the transportation services offered are superb, courteous and very accommodating. I am extremely pleased that these services are available.

- Steve Kaminitsky, Resident
I am late in giving my favorable opinion and thanks to the maintenance team here at The Atria. When we moved in and first needed some help, David C. came up and installed our huge walnut headboard for our king size bed. That was a real job. After we were here about 6 months, Tensley and David came in and reversed our mattresses for us. On another occasion, we purchased a wine cooler, and David came up and installed that. Jose has come on a number of occasions to help with our air conditioning. Harv came up also and cleared out a vent for us. Jose also figured out that the AC was low on Freon, and it made a huge difference in our life after he fixed that issue. And, I have to mention that Tensley never seems to frown when unloading all the trash and recycle materials. I regret that I did not keep an exact roster of each time one of them came up to help in some particular way. We make an effort to take care of things so that their help is not needed often, but it happens and is one of the huge perks of living here. One other thing, Jose is good with TV problems. On a couple of occasions, we couldn't get reception on a small TV in our bedroom and he solved the problem. So, I just want to thank Harv and his team for exceptional help and all of their great attitudes. My husband, Pete, joins me in my positive remarks.

- Cay Quoyeser, Resident
I would like to commend your team for a job well done during a recent health crisis with my father. He chose to live at Atria at the Arboretum so he could enjoy an independent life, but also have a nurse on site if there was a problem. The system worked fluidly and efficiently as the on site home health service that checks on him every morning noticed a slow pulse and together with your team got him off to the hospital by ambulance. He was given a pacemaker, and we anticipate he will gain his complete strength back in the coming weeks. Thank you for all you do to provide a quality lifestyle for your residents with such a wonderful and friendly team. Even the guys, like Tensley, that provide mechanical support for the building are always helpful and hard working. The restaurant servers and meals are great also. Thank you so very much.

- Virginia Ivey, Family Member
I want to thank you for the amazing day yesterday! I know it took tons of planning, organization, revision, begging people to respond in a timely manner. You, Julie and Anna working on the trip to the Dell Diamond for the Memorial Day festivities should be commended for a job well done. All of the Veterans felt excited, well taken care of and appreciated for their service. Everyone that helped us and all the people walking by, stopped, shook their hands and said "thank you for your service." It was truly amazing! Even the guy that drove the car Penny was in said he was in awe of her, Ivan and Lester. He was truly humbled to have been able to drive them. I hope you can share this with the Dell Diamond folks that invited our veterans to the event. I know yesterday was full of surprises, but you all took care of everything beautifully. You took care of all the details to make sure everyone was safe and well taken care of at all times. THANK YOU for an amazing job well done! Hip, hip, hooray!!

- Liz Abrahams, Family Member
I just wanted to thank the Atria for all the wonderful things they do, every day for residents and their families. Thank you so much for helping make my mother's birthday such a great day - balloons on her door, cards, hellos with happy birthday from so many residents. Thank you again for caring for our families.

- Joan Eisinger, Family Member
Malcolm, Thank you for all the work that went into the High Tea you provided recently. It was such a great experience for me as I have always wanted to go to High Tea in London, but will probably never do so. So, your tea was a very fulfilling goal for me. I also loved Christmas dinner which was wonderful. Thanks to you and all the team for all the work that went into it. I enjoyed all the decorations and the festive atmosphere, so thanks to all involved in that also. New Year's Eve was fabulous! Thanks to all for the great party atmosphere and fabulous food. I enjoyed it so much. Malcolm, many compliments for the special holiday meals, but also thank you for your every day efforts to provide us with nutritious, healthy meals (five vegetables every day, lots of fish). It is easy to stay healthy at Atria with you in charge of the culinary team, and I appreciate your efforts every day. Doesn't hurt that your "nutrition" is also delicious!! Happy New Year and many thanks.

- Mary Jane Perry, Resident
On behalf of the Jewish contingent (and all those who attended), I want to thank you for a fabulous Chanukah night. Julie and Holly decorated the room and tables tastefully and so beautifully. I am aware of the great efforts expended to get everything just right, including enlarging the printing so our old eyes could read the service. Malcolm, the food was fantastic and beautifully plated. How did you get the soup to remain so hot considering the long trip from the kitchen? The potato latkes were fantastic. Matthew, Oscar and our new Ciara served so efficiently. Their friendly service was endearing, and they felt like family. The challah and wine added a festive touch. Holly went beyond the call of duty to find a musical background on iTunes to accompany our song. She was also able to provide us with a lighter since none of us keep matches in our apartments. I don't want to forget Harv who, in his efficient way, was able to fix my menorah at the last minute. Chanukah is a holiday celebrated in our homes, and last night the Atria provided the home setting that made the holiday so meaningful. We do appreciate it, and thank you again for providing the opportunity to celebrate our holiday in such a beautiful and meaningful way.

- Alice Levy, Resident
To the wonderful staff and employees of the Atria, "I've learned that is is impossible to accomplish anything worthwhile without the help of other people." Words contributed by an 82 year old in a book entitled Live and Learn and Pass It On written by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Truer words have not been spoken. Once again, we witnessed this through Malcolm, Tim and Oscar of the Culinary Team on the day of the celebration of my 80th birthday. It could not have been done any better any place else! We are most appreciative and thankful for them. Julie and Holly of Engage Life stepped in and just handled the pouring of champagne and cutting the cake with ease and gave me and my family some time to enjoy the guests. How lucky we are to have them here at the Atria and I love them. Thank you all for all of your best wishes. We are truly blessed.

- Gail Suttle, Resident
Leo and I feel so blessed to be living here! Everything is excellent: Engage Life, food, transportation, community activities, movies, maintenance . Our Executive Director is the best!

- Vivian Spence, Resident
I saved this special group for their own review. As an almost four year resident , I continuously call on this group. Kudos to Gina, Linda, Rodney, Donna, Judy, and now, Abrianna, from our restaurant. If you think their job is just answering calls, taking messages, greeting guests........not even close!! A multitude of people ask them a multitude of questions. Rarely does a day go by that we don't call on one, two or even three of them for assistance. They have the answers and if they don't, they quickly get it. When answering a call there is always a "smile in their voice". I have never seen one get rattled, rude, or unprofessional. Each shift has a different job description. Our safety and security is included in all of them. Even through the night they know how to address an emergency. I have witnessed them even cleaning a trash room, wearing a headset, answering a call and..........,still smiling!! (I stay up late.) When we are all "tucked in" I know they have "battened down the hatches". We thank each of you!!!

- Pat Van Slyke, Resident
Jack and I have lived at Atria at the Arboretum for two years now - long enough to call it home. From the concierge staff on the front desk to the wait staff, the assistance available to us is outstanding. The many activities scheduled keep us as busy as we choose to be . Add to all of that a responsive and personable administration, and we have a wonderful retirement community.

- Jack and Mary Ann Brennan, Resident
One the most gifted among the staff is Linda Cameron. What good sense, kindness and great competence. She gets everything done fast and right. Always.

- Abby Kenigsberg, Resident
How wonderful it is to wake up knowing your day will be filled with a wide variety of interesting activities, fun trips and entertainment. Our Engaged Life Director, Julie Elliott is professional, friendly and attentive to our needs. We can have fun and friendship while going to the symphony, the opera, dining out, river boat cruise, sporting events. Up coming shows include the Nutcracker, Evita, Beauty and the Beast and Damn Yankees. You may enjoy volunteering by making pillows for patients at Seton Hospital. Recently, we had a Resident Art Show that included paintings, quilting, crocheting, stain glass, hooked rug, cross stitch, machine embroidery, wood carving, jewelry, photography, pressed flower cards, glass jars, embellished clothes and leather luggage tags--all arranged and displayed beautifully for all of us to view from 30 of our Atria Residents. Too many exercise classes to mention individually, plus Bingo, Mah Jong, Bridge, Brain Games, Political Forum, Poker Game, the Book Club, In the News, plus many more and nightly movies in the library. We are truly blessed to reside at Atria at the Arboretum--a beautiful facility with a wonderful staff that is second to none!Mary Ann M. Giambelluca, Resident

- Mary Ann, Resident
I am very,very satisfied living at the Atria. Lots of activities, great food, and great staff. They push our chairs in at the dinning room, the staff is very attentive to our needs.

- Jeanne Manning, Resident
I consider the Engage Life Program at Atria to be Excellent and it just keeps getting better!We have so many Exercise Programs that every person here can find something that fits them. Iam so thankful for the Aqua Fitness Program. Working out in the pool is my favorite even though I have done all of the other exercises at one time or another. Perhaps the best thing that has come to Atria is the Water Volleyball Game. I enjoy the competition and improving my skill.The musical perspective has been covered with many varieties for every taste. We enjoy musical programs from the Butler School of Music at the University of Texas. And we have traveling musicians that come from time to time. Regularly we can go to the Symphony, Opera, and Concerts. And we will be having a Resident Talent Show !We have the opportunity to go out to restaurants, to movies and to the various church functions.Of course, doctor visits are provided by bus and by car. Naturally, there are numerous opportunities.for shopping. Another program is having residents share their life stories. They are fascinating! We have aSpanish class for those who want to learn another language. Then there is the Book Club, Poetry and Writers Club, Political Forum, and local people who come here to inform us of what is going on in Austin.Monthly we have meetings with our Executive Director, Engage Life Director and Food Service Director so we can have input in what is happening. Actually, it almost seems like we have something going on here 24/7! It is WONDERFUL!! We feel so blessed to be here.

- Vivian Spence, Resident
It was a good decision for me to choose Atria at the Arboretum. All the staff is friendly and helpful, including the waitstaff in the dining room.

- Renee Stanton, Resident
It is impossible to just pick out one or two folks at the Atria who go out of their way to make residents and family members feel connected to a caring community. I would like to express my appreciation for Tensley who brought a package to mom's room and saw that she wasn't feeling well and took the time to chat with her and really brighten her day. I can't mention Tensley without mentioning Harv who has always been like a favorite nephew to mom. And Maria has been so sweet and cheerful and we always enjoy chatting with Linda and Pam and Gina and Judy and Donna and on and on. Thank you everyone!

- Jeanette Carey, Family Member
I enjoy living at Atria because the community is beautiful, but mostly because of the people. The staff are all happy, friendly, and helpful, and the residents are all friends!

- Harriet Allgood, Resident
I like living here.

- elizabeth Colson, Resident
Good living!

- elizabeth colson, Resident
I consider living at Atria like living on a first-class cruise ship! Life here is so comfortable, we are extremely well fed, we are entertained royally and waited on hand and foot. My apartment is a sweet nest where I can enjoy quiet and beauty. Like a cruise ship, I often am out on my balcony overlooking the western hills. The best part of it is -- no motion, no ocean! The crew here is first class -- too many to name!

- Betty Mitchell, Resident

- LARRY CALAME, Resident
All who are on staff here are so nice and helpful. I couldn't imagine any where else they would make you feel as good and be treated as a special individual. We are all taken very good care of.

- Margaret Parkington, Resident
Leaving your home of 52 years to move to an unknown is no small decision. Two daughters and two sons pushing you to move is of little help. For 6 months, we were on a seesaw. Finally, a small object in my eye pushed me into realizing I couldn't drive. Decision made! So we moved into Atria at the Arboretum on January 15th, 2015. It took almost 3 days to admit that we made the right decision! Our first surprise was the warm and friendly welcome by the residents. So many folks here are "just like me." The food is outstanding. The staff is a pleasure to have around and the location is ideal, but it is the folks here that make us happy to be here.

- Barrrett L. (Bud) Payne, Resident
We are about to start our 4th month here and cannot really complain about anything. Every staff member we have come in contact with has been professional, very friendly and attentive to our needs. Entertainment and activities are in such abundance that if we miss out one day there is always another day to make up that lost day of activities. Meetings with residents and staff tells me that Atria is interested in keeping a good rapport with Residents.

- Pat Taylor , Resident
Lara, one of our restaurant servers, is the best! She knows when you need drinks or coffee before you ever do! She is always so sweet and kind! Matthew, also a server, is always very good!

- Helen Garriott, Resident
I love it! (My husband is coming around but he still thinks he misses yard work and minor messing around the house.) All that said: it is so nice to know that we are safe - if I forget to lock the door it won't matter. If I want to walk in the corridors at midnight it's okay. No worries about meals - which range very good to excellent. The building and grounds are beautifully cared for and I can feel proud to bring anyone here for a visit.

- Betsy Kelley, Resident
Tim, our Restaurant Manager, is pleasant all the time!

- Helen Garriott, Resident
This is truly a 5 star establishment. Each department deserves a medal!

- Carol Cone, Resident
Atria at the Arboretum has been a great place to live for many reasons. The employees, no matter what their position, are so ready to hear and help with any concerns or needs we have. The residents are very friendly, probably due to being so happy here. The building is attractive and well-kept. The activities are interesting with many good choices and fun trips are planned. The transportation department is efficient and helpful. I'm happy to be here.

- Lois Bayer, Resident
Living at Atria at the Arboretum is like being in that television show where everybody knows your name and there is such opportunity for fun and friendship. The entire staff puts tenants first.

- Alice levy, Resident
Pam has always been the go to person for anything we need regarding my Dad living at the Atria. She is a dedicated employee that is an asset to your high level of standards. She is a pleasure to contact and we always look forward to her energetic personality and attitude. Sincerely, Sandy Pinkston

- Sandy Pinkston, Family Member
Anna goes beyond the call of duty to help us and she has a wonderful attitude. She is the Community Business Director but she does SO MUCH more.

- Vivian Spence, Resident
Harv is the most caring person around. He is there any time I need something fixed and is on top of all situations. If you see him in the hall, he always grins and says "hello!" If you need something, he says put in a work order and sure enough, he will be there very soon. Its nice to be in a community that cares.

- Sue Loyd, Resident