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Atria Fairhaven Creates a Certified Wildlife Habitat

Atria Residents and Staff Create a Certified Wildlife Habitat

Posted on April 30, 2015 by Taylor Rhea

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Connecting with nature; it’s why we travel to reach a mountaintop, or go camping in the woods – or simply relax on our back porch. Being in nature is something we crave as humans, not only because of its beauty, but also its affect on our mood and well-being.

Thanks to a few nature-minded staff members and residents at Atria Fairhaven, the community now boasts their very own Certified Wildlife Habitat site®. This outdoor area allows residents to connect with nature in their own backyard while helping to preserve the wildlife that surrounds them.

The National Wildlife Federation® (NWF) recognized Atria Fairhaven for its garden space which provides safe haven for birds, butterflies, frogs and other wildlife, while supplying natural food sources, clean water and shelter.

Atria Fairhaven Creates a Certified Wildlife Habitat

"With the weather finally warming up, our residents and staff really enjoy watching all the different birds out on the patio. It brightens their whole day," said Sheryl Costa, receptionist at Atria Fairhaven.

The new certified habitat joins more than 150,000 nationwide. Such outdoor spaces are important to year-round wildlife as well as to species that migrate, such as birds and butterflies. Each habitat is unique, both in beauty and function.

With the area just outside his dining room, Culinary Service Director Roger Stevens noticed the potential soon after he started working at Atria and began filling the bird feeders every day.

He then built several birdhouses out of recycled materials and it became a community-wide effort as residents joined in to help. Eventually, more and more birds flocked to the area and everyone was delighted.

“With the feeders full of food, plus the new birdhouses, we started to see an increase in the variety of birds and the residents love it,” said Sheryl. “Roger took the initiative and registered us to become a Certified Wildlife Habitat with the National Wildlife Federation.”

This certification is one of the many “wow” factors that sets Atria Fairhaven apart from other independent and assisted living communities.

The habitat features approximately seven bird feeders, 12 birdhouses, a handful of heated birdbaths and flowers and shrubbery for wildlife to enjoy.

“We often spot deer and turkeys,” said Sheryl.

While most neighboring senior living communities are situated in urban settings, Atria residents enjoy beautiful wooded grounds and a unique backyard habitat – a source of pride for the entire community.

The National Wildlife Federation® is a registered trademark of the National Wildlife Federation.

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  • Sheryl Costa says:

    I am so glad this was such a hit and that we were able to let people know about it. Thanks for posting our story.