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Atria Chandler Villas’ Residents Make Hand-crafted Beer

Atria Chandler Villas’ Brew Crew celebrates two-year anniversary

Posted on April 7, 2015 by Admin

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What’s better on a hot Arizona day than an ice-cold bottle of beer? An ice-cold bottle of home-brewed beer!

This month marks two years since Atria Chandler Villas started its beer-brewing club, the Brew Crew. Working hand in hand with Jim Palmo, our Director of Culinary Service, our residents have brewed lagers, ales, pilsners and stouts. And their membership has grown steadily.

Atria Chandler Villas’ Residents Make Hand-crafted Beer

Some residents help with brewing and bottling while others serve as taste-testers or simply enjoy swapping stories and life experiences while watching the pot boil.

The Brew Crew introduces roughly two new flavors every three weeks. Brewed in small batches, each new beer yields only 40 to 50 bottles so it’s easy to experiment with different styles.

Most of the beers they produce are German style and follow the German purity law dating from 1516, known as Reinheitsgebot. This law originally mandated that water, barley and hops should be the only ingredients used in the production of beer.

The Brew Crew is a source of pride for our residents. They love to see their beer listed each day on our dining room menu and they’ve even created their own label with help from Atria Senior Living’s marketing department.

Atria Chandler Villas’ Residents Make Hand-crafted Beer

All residents are welcome to participate and those who do always have a good time.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some serious taste-testing to do…

Atria Chandler Villas’ Residents Make Hand-crafted Beer

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