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Life at Atria

At Atria, older people find more than just a comfortable place to live. They discover a vibrant community where they have opportunities to be active, eat well, participate, set goals and live purposeful lives – all in the company of neighbors.

People belong together® – and nurturing meaningful relationships with others is what life at Atria is all about.

Services and Amenities

We take care of the have-to-dos, so our residents have more time for the want-to-dos.

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Engage Life

We collaborate with our residents to create more meaningful daily experiences.

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Social Life

In the company of friendly, interesting neighbors, every day is a social event.

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Culinary Excellence

We create delightful dining experiences based on our residents' personal tastes.

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Knowing discreet support is available 24/7 gives our residents – and their families – peace of mind.

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Resident Perspectives

Hear what our residents have to say about life at Atria, in their own words.

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Disaster Preparedness

Even when the threat of severe weather or contagious illness looms, you'll feel safe when at Atria.

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