People Belong Together®

It’s what we all feel instinctively – and science backs it up. A growing body of research shows that those who live in a caring, connected environment enjoy greater health and well-being than those who are isolated.

At Atria, we are dedicated to creating vibrant communities where older people realize healthier, happier, more meaningful lives – trading in loneliness for the company of neighbors, inactivity for movement and boredom for purposeful engagement.

We help more than 23,000 people live better together.

We are one of the largest senior living providers in North America. Backed by company-wide expertise, our communities complement and enrich the local neighborhoods and cities they serve.

We are a leader in the conversation on aging and longevity.

Partnering with key thought leaders, we develop engaging programs that encourage connection and promote well-being.

Billie Jean King – Atria’s Well-Being Coach
Winner of 39 Grand Slam tennis titles, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom and champion for social change and equality

“We are meant to keep learning, sharing new experiences and supporting one another throughout our lives. It’s up to us to live in a place where that is possible. Through my partnership with Atria, I motivate residents to stay active, nurture relationships and continue to grow and challenge themselves.”