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As the world is reopening, so are we – carefully

Posted on July 13, 2020 by Admin

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At Atria Senior Living, our number one priority is the health and well-being of residents and staff. That’s why we’ve worked hard to devise a comprehensive, data-based plan to reopen communities, and bring people together again, safely.

Laying the foundation

In late April – with full quarantine in effect – we began the critical first step of testing to identify asymptomatic cases and reduce the risk of infection for residents and staff. While testing remained scarce in many parts of the country, Atria had already built a relationship with Mayo Clinic Laboratories to test 13,000 staff and third-party vendors.

By the end of June – through Atria’s own testing, government-mandated testing and one-off physician-driven testing – we had completed nearly 40,000 tests for residents and staff at more than 200 communities with differing infection rates and local regulations.

This combination of quarantine, testing, digital contact tracing and continued safety protocols, such as PPE usage, temperature checks and symptom screenings, helped build a solid foundation for reopening.



Opening the door

As a large organization operating across North America, with varying state and local guidelines, easing quarantine could only happen gradually.

In early June, we designated pilot communities that would experience the first steps. The list included all locations without on-site exposure in 28 days, including more than 100 communities with no exposure before that date.

While in-apartment dining remained in place, pilot communities began offering social-distanced dining and family drive-up visits. Wearing masks, residents in many communities could also leave their apartments and, in some cases, gather in groups of five or fewer.

By July 2, virtually all communities had eased full quarantine and entered what we call our COVID-19 Watch phase.



Looking ahead

Today, Atria communities are operating as normally as possible in a world still at risk of COVID-19. Residents are enjoying more opportunities to connect with neighbors outside of their apartments, and many are delighted to welcome family inside their apartments – wearing masks and gloves, and practicing hand hygiene in all cases.

We all want community life to resume. By continuing to test, contact trace and follow proper safety protocols, we’re committed to combating COVID-19 while maintaining the connection and engagement that is so vital to our well-being.


To learn more about how Atria Senior Living is helping residents and their families stay connected, visit AtriaSafeTogether.com.


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  • Mary Anton says:

    Thank you for taking care of our loved ones. Thank you for taking care of yourselves so that you could take care of the residents. This is such a big job and it takes everyone to stay safe. We appreciate how hard you are working to make this happen.