Atria's Response to COVID-19

Since late February, Atria has been working to ensure that we are prepared for COVID-19 across all of our 200+ communities in the United States and Canada. Our top priority remains the health and safety of our residents and staff. We are working hard to continue to identify and prioritize ways to do more. This page includes what we hope to be helpful information about Atria Senior Living and our response to COVID-19.

A Letter from Atria’s Chairman and CEO, John Moore

February 14, 2021

Dear Atria Extended Family,

Happy Valentine’s Day.

With all that we have been through since last Valentine’s Day, there’s so much for which to be grateful. One thing I’m abundantly thankful for is our incredible Atria staff. Their lights have shone so brightly in the last year. Each Valentine’s Day, I write a poem to our staff to express my appreciation to them. Like every year, sometimes the rhymes aren’t exact, and the meter may be off, but nothing resembles our staff’s collective experience in the past year. If you have time, I’d love for you to see the poem and join me in our thanks to the Atria team that serves us all.

We’re also thankful that the data indicates the disease is dramatically dropping in impact. Metrics like new case activity, positivity rates and active hospitalizations are all sharply down. Our numbers also show equal or greater improvement against numbers for the general public.

Our “Sleeve Up” campaign numbers show that vaccinations in Atria’s U.S. communities have surpassed 30,000 as of this writing. As a result, we are expecting disease activity to continue to steadily decline. (I’m sharing the vaccine rollout picture in Canada in a separate letter dedicated to the Atria Retirement Canada family). To check your community’s status, remember to visit our constantly updated vaccine clinic tracker. We also have this link on our website under “Family Resources.”

For our business, improving math gives us confidence to safely and thoughtfully enter our new “COVID Watch” posture. COVID Watch recognizes that most of our communities are wrapping up their second vaccine clinic, with nearly all residents participating (with all Atria employees being vaccinated by May 1). We also get confidence from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), who this week said fully vaccinated people do not need to be quarantined if they are exposed to COVID-19. That’s a huge move toward reduced or even eliminated quarantines.

With all these things in mind, during COVID Watch, we expect to firmly push for a return of normalcy to the fullest extent allowed by local rules. With the protections afforded by complete community vaccination, and with disease numbers declining in our portfolio and in the general public, we want to return to pre-COVID freedoms for family visits. We also want a bare minimum of 50% use of community amenities like dining, fitness, swimming pools, and private and group transportation.

We want to return to Engage Life® programs in groups of 15 while abiding by all local rules such as social distancing and mask wearing. Our teams are training and preparing for a release of these refreshed protocols tomorrow (February 15), so look for more information from your community’s Executive Director this week.

This won’t happen overnight, but it will happen as fast as we can possibly make it. We still must be zealous about the simple and fundamental precautions like wearing masks, washing our hands frequently and safe distancing. We’re not saying the disease has ended. But it is ending.

If you’ll indulge me, I’ll say it another way in verse, from the poem to staff we spoke of earlier.

The fight’s not over –
You all know this to be true.
PPE, protocols, social distance, masks and testing,
You know what to do.

And the vaccine is here.
With it comes immunity,
real safety and a bright future,
For ourselves and our community.

“Post COVID” is coming,
The next, and best, new protocol,
We must stay vigilant to get there,
And bring the vaccines to all.

We may be finally there,
The “other side” from my last valentine,
With a light at the end of the tunnel
That looks real for the first time.

John Moore's Signature

John Moore
Chairman and CEO

Details on Atria’s Response Efforts

In late February 2020, Atria leadership gave careful consideration to develop a new set of protocols – using Atria’s existing rigorous infection control management protocols and based on CDC guidance – to prepare for and respond to COVID-19. Atria put these protocols in place at all 200+ Atria communities across the U.S. and Canada in early March 2020. As the situation evolved, we quickly and repeatedly escalated our safety and infection control protocols regarding visitor restrictions, screening processes, and travel policies. We continue to work to ensure we have the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other supplies needed to keep our residents and employees safe.


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