Atria's Response to COVID-19

Since late February, Atria has been working to prepare for COVID-19 across all of our 216 communities in the United States and Canada. Our top priority remains the health and safety of our residents and staff. We are working hard to continue to identify and prioritize ways to do more. This page includes what we hope to be helpful information about Atria Senior Living and our response to COVID-19.

A Letter from Atria’s Chairman and CEO, John Moore

June 9, 2020

Dear Atria Extended Family,

On April 28, we began a series of comprehensive updates designed to keep you informed about our business, not only as it relates to COVID-19 but also, just as importantly, what the future is starting to look like in a post-COVID-19 world.

The last comprehensive update took us from just prior to the COVID-19 outbreak through the end of April. Today, I am writing to bring you up to speed with our efforts as we begin to relax quarantine later this week in many of our communities.

This communication covers a wide range of topics including testing for COVID-19 (we are approaching 30,000 Atria-administered tests and expect to exceed 40,000 by the end of June) and overall disease dynamics, which helps us talk about a safe process to reopen our communities. It also speaks to how we will begin relaxing quarantines in a way that is consistent with state and local regulatory limitations.

We have been doing a lot of thinking about how we “get better,” and I’ll share ideas for new ways to help residents live their best lives, in all circumstances, and give a glimpse into our plans for the future of our business.

This disease isn’t over, but we do believe we see light at the end of the tunnel. We’d like to share that light with you, but we also need your help. Quarantine has lasted too long and we must do something about it, but there will be limits based on both regulatory directives and prudence. We have worked hard to put Atria communities in the best position to get back to as close to normal as possible – as quickly as possible – but it’s going to be a progressive process. Each step must be taken as safely as the last. Most crucially, we must continually prove to state and local regulators that we are ready, and advocate for allowing each next step.

We believe people belong together. Isolation cannot be a permanent strategy for any society, especially for our residents.

We have been hearing questions from residents and families about what the future looks like as the disease exits our communities, as well as how we will handle a potential resurgence in the fall. Prospective new residents and their families want to know what life will be like in an Atria community now that COVID-19 has changed some of the traditional assumptions about senior living. We want to share our thoughts on these questions.

We may not be able to predict the future, but we are relentlessly planning for it in the most thoughtful, careful ways we can. I hope you find this update helpful as we share what we know, what we’re doing and what we see ahead.

John Moore's Signature

John Moore
Chairman and CEO

Details on Atria’s Response Efforts

In late February, Atria leadership gave careful consideration to develop a new set of protocols – using Atria’s existing rigorous infection control management protocols and based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance – to prepare for and respond to COVID-19. Atria put these protocols in place at all 216 communities across the U.S. and Canada in early March. As the situation evolved, we quickly and repeatedly escalated our safety and infection control protocols regarding visitor restrictions, screening processes, and travel policies. We continue to work to make sure we have the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and other supplies needed to keep our residents and employees safe.

Atria’s June 9

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Atria Response Timeline Through June 9

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Safely Returning
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Atria Senior Living - Mayo Clinic

Testing with Mayo Clinic Laboratories

One of the ways we are working to protect our residents and employees is through testing. Check out a behind-the-scenes view of Mayo Medical Laboratories and Mayo Clinic’s Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology.

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