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Celebrating Dads Far and Wide on Father’s Day

Posted on June 15, 2014 by Steve Morgan

Our dads worked hard and sacrificed a lot to provide our families with a good life.

But dads are more than just the men who raised us. They’re individuals with dreams, goals, likes and dislikes that extend beyond the scope of their dad-ness.

So as we celebrate fathers far and wide, we’d like to recognize the dads who call Atria home ­– and share some fun facts from the less dad-centric parts of their lives.  (more…)

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Frank Seaman Flying A Plane

Flying High at Age 98

Posted on February 12, 2014 by Taylor Rhea

No matter how old we grow, we never lose our desire for a thrill: the feeling of exhilaration, a mixture of excitement and fear. It’s the kind that makes adrenaline rush through our bodies on a rollercoaster ride. The kind that lets us escape from our ordinary lives, even just for a moment.

Something thrilling. (more…)

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