5 reasons older adults thrive in senior living

Community living has many benefits for older adults – learn about the top 5 in this guide.

March 04, 2022

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Senior living communities help older people achieve more meaningful and fulfilling lives. Numerous reports tout the health benefits for older adults who live a more social life. With many different factors that may limit social opportunities for your parent, senior living communities make it easier to connect with others. Additional benefits include delicious meals, regular fitness and exercise classes, a 24-hour staff and discreet support when needed.

Still, senior living communities are often an afterthought because of caregiver guilt or the potential sadness or resentment from the older adult.

What are the top 5 benefits of senior living?


  1. Senior Living Benefit #1: Unparalleled convenience
  2. Senior Living Benefit #2: Opportunities to create new connections
  3. Senior Living Benefit #3: Easy access to care services
  4. Senior Living Benefit #4: Healthier mind and stronger body
  5. Senior Living Benefit #5: Families can be families again

Senior Living Benefit #1: Unparalleled convenience

Older adults who move into senior living communities often say they feel relief after downsizing and moving out of their homes, in large part because being a homeowner means shouldering the responsibilities of tidying up the house, mowing the lawn, fixing the gate latch whenever it breaks or calling the plumber when the sink clogs.

At a senior living community, the staff handles the cleaning and maintenance. Most utilities are also covered in the monthly rent, so there’s no need to worry about paying multiple bills on time. At many communities, there are drivers to help your parent get to appointments and run errands. Plus, amenities such as a fitness center, art studio, movie theater and game room may be only steps from their apartment door.

Senior Living Benefit #2: Opportunities to create new connections

Life at a high-quality senior living community should include a calendar of robust events like guest lectures, card games like bridge and rummy, board games, group walks outdoors, exercise programs, art classes and opportunities to connect with neighbors. The events calendar should feature programs and activities that help your parent rediscover hobbies and find new interests.

Many senior living communities also often offer opportunities to volunteer in the local community. This contributes to an active brain and improves cognitive health, which can lower the risk of dementia. If your parent enjoys giving back or finds value in joining a just cause, volunteering will add to their sense of joy and purpose.

Senior Living Benefit #3: Easy access to care services

Currently, your parent may have access to an in-home caregiver during certain hours of the day. Or maybe they call upon you and other relatives to remind them about appointments, refill their prescriptions, or help them take a shower or get dressed. At an assisted living community, a professional staff handles these services.

Some communities offer discreet care 24 hours a day, and services generally fall into three categories: personal care (bathing, grooming, getting dressed and safety checks), medication assistance and incontinence management.

Memory care services, which are geared toward those who are experiencing the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, are also offered at some senior living communities.

Senior Living Benefit #4: Healthier mind and stronger body

In a senior living community, your parent will have access to fresh, delicious meals to enjoy alongside their neighbors. Whether it’s dinner in the restaurant or hors d’oeuvres and cocktails at the bistro, dining with new friends will positively impact your parent’s emotional and physical well-being.

Fitness is also a key to aging well. Many senior living residents enjoy outdoor walking areas, exercise classes and other avenues, which help contribute to a healthier lifestyle than they experienced at home.

Senior Living Benefit #5: Families can be families again

Many find that moving into a senior living community relieves the strain on familial relationships caused by the complexities of caregiving. Look for a senior living community that will empower your parent to enjoy a more fulfilling life, which includes reconnecting with you as their child rather than as their caregiver.

To discover the benefits your parent would experience at a senior living community, we invite you to visit us for a tour. If your parent would prefer to try community living to see if it’s right for them, a short-term stay is a good option to consider. No matter what you decide, our experienced staff is always available to help you navigate the complexities of caregiving and guide you during the transition to senior living.


Our Guide on the Benefits of Senior Living (PDF)

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