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Senior Living Communities and Staying Connected

Posted on February 6, 2014 by Admin

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When an older adult is considering moving into a senior living community, we often hear that they are worried about giving up their independence. Understandably, they want the same amenities, freedom and access to technology they’ve always had. With this also comes the desire for a continued deep connection with their family.

In just the last 40 years, life expectancy has risen to 78, which means that we are living longer than any generation before us. The current generation of older adults wants to remain active, healthy and connected. The good news is that recent trends in senior living communities and a continued emphasis on technology have made it easier to stay in touch with family and friends.

The next generation in senior living communities will focus on providing family-friendly living spaces that facilitate active lifestyles and staying connected with family and friends. Rather than providing a large common room, many areas have been redesigned into living room-style spaces that accommodate groups of varying sizes. Residents are encouraged to use these areas to host get-togethers and help them maintain ties with family and friends. Pets, as an integral part of most modern families, are not only welcomed, but encouraged.

Recognizing that computers, social media and mobile devices play a significant role in the lives of today's older adults, many communities also feature sophisticated technology solutions for their residents, as well as labs and classes for those who want to improve or maintain their skills.

These communities recognize that providing access and support for residents to use modern communication tools like email, social media and video-sharing platforms helps them stay connected with their families in meaningful and profound ways.

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