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Compare Senior Living Quality – 5 Key Community Attributes

Posted on November 6, 2013 by Admin

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Choosing a senior living community to call home can be a complicated choice. Everyone wants to choose a residence that offers senior living quality and peace of mind. With so many different senior living communities out there, choosing one might seem like finding a needle in a haystack. However, there are some major attributes to look for when considering independent living communities that offer assisted living and memory care services. By choosing a community with these five attributes, individuals can ensure they or their loved ones find a perfect fit.

Location is important when choosing a senior living community. According to Inside Elder Care, individuals should make sure the community is close to the family, friends and even shopping centers. Being close to family and friends and visiting with them is one of the most important ways to ensure senior living quality in the elderly. In addition to family and friends, being close to shopping and other common centers allows the senior to continue routine daily activities, which also helps to keep quality of life high.

When choosing a community, it is important to research the staff. A location with highly trained staff is an excellent choice for senior care. They will have the best experience to properly care for seniors. Secondly, when visiting the community, it is important to watch how the staff interacts with other residents to see if they treat them well.

Another great way to maintain good quality of life is through activities. Many senior communities offer activities, including exercise programs, crafts, church services or outings. These are an excellent way to maintain a high level of senior living quality and happiness for residents. By providing these activities, they are able to keep busy and stay active, which improves both body and mind.

Quality of Care
Many senior living communities have different services and levels of care, so it is important to fully understand what each location offers. According to ALFA, most senior and assisted living communities offer access to health care, assistance with eating, bathing and other daily activities, 24-hour emergency call systems and three meals a day. Other communities may offer more services, which could provide better quality of life. Before choosing a community, individuals must fully understand the care offered to ensure it meets theirs or their loved one’s needs.

Quality of Community
In addition to ensuring quality of life, the actual community should be resident centric. According to ALFA, the best community is one that is designed to make life easy for seniors. The community should be simple to navigate since some seniors may become confused easily. The community should be designed for seniors in wheelchairs, with walkers and with trouble walking: wide hallways and doors, elevators, ramps and handrails. Everything should be designed to help seniors function smoothly, including non-skid floors and easy-to-reach shelves. In addition to the way the community is designed, individuals should make sure to choose one that is clean. An unclean community will not enhance the quality of a senior’s life.

Choosing a senior living community is a process. It is important to fully research senior residences before choosing one, so seniors and their families receive the best value. By considering these five attributes, individuals can make sure they choose the best community for them or their loved one. Every senior deserves a home that promotes high-value senior living for an excellent quality of life.

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