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Girls Scouts Help Bridge Gap Between Young and Old - Atria Lynbrook

Girl Scouts & Atria Lynbrook – Learning from Young and Old

Posted on March 17, 2015 by Admin

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In March 1912, a group of 18 girls gathered in Savannah, GA with the dream of bringing young girls out of their homes. They went hiking, camping, studied first aid and learned how to tell time by the stars. This group was the inception of what we know today as the Girl Scouts of America.

During the month of March, we celebrate the Girl Scouts in Atria communities across the country.

“Our very own resident Sylvia E. is a Girl Scout through and through,” said Nathan Schafroth, Engage Life® Director at Atria Lynbrook in New York.

She speaks very highly of the organization and was a proud member for more than five years. Throughout those years, she has fond memories of helping her community and building friendships with her fellow members.

Sylvia was also a troop leader.


“The troop included her two daughters. She taught her daughters the importance of character and leadership. She enjoyed the life experiences she learned throughout her years as a troop leader,” says Nathan.

Local Girl Scout troops frequently visit Atria Lynbrook

“At Atria Lynbrook, our intergenerational programs foster the relationships between young and old involved in opportunities to grow physically, mentally and spiritually.”

Sylvia always makes time to sit and chat with the girls, reminiscing about her days with the organization and learning the new activities of today’s Girl Scouts. She still remains in contact with many of her fellow scouts. And what Girl Scout doesn’t have a favorite cookie? Sylvia’s is Thin Mints.

Atria communities host Girl Scout programs that foster intergenerational relationships among residents and youth. Programs include community service projects, scout-themed parties featuring badges, outfits from many generations and cookie-themed cooking classes, just to name a few.

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