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Everybody Loves a Clown – Atria Copeland

Everybody Loves a Clown

Posted on December 18, 2014 by Taylor Rhea

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Charlie Chaplin became a worldwide icon in the silent film era through his screen persona as the silent “Tramp” clown. Red Skelton, one of America’s most well-known clowns, starred in more than 20 movies and had his own radio and television show. And Patch Adams, a young doctor in the ‘70s, began clowning for hospital patients and was portrayed by late comedian Robin Williams in a Hollywood film.

What was it about these clowns that made them great? Was it their exaggerated facial expressions? Their understanding of comedic timing? Certainly. But what made them unique was their desire to bring delight to others. That’s the essence of portraying a clown.

Atria Copeland resident Dee K. has that same reverence for delight, which is why she became a professional clown two years ago.

“I had always wanted to be a clown,” said Dee. “I met KornPop, a professional clown from Chandler, after moving to Tyler, Texas, He started a clown class for myself and three other people, which has now grown to about 15 people.”

Serving and caring for others is how Dee has lived her life. Before retiring from a career as an insurance agent, she was very involved in community activities in Arlington, Texas, and was the English Second Language Director at her church.

“As a clown, I am able to give back to others with joy and smiles,” Dee said.

Dee is a member of the First Baptist Choir and volunteers making balloon animals for nursing home patients and young children’s groups. This year, the 76-year-old traveled and served in Macau, China, on a 10-day mission trip.

“I had the opportunity to work with two Baptist churches in two different locations,” she said. “We assisted a local American missionary doctor, distributed Bibles at a tourist location, prayer walked in the casino district and helped paint the interior of a Chinese church. After our evangelistic mission work was completed, I was able to enjoy a safari.”

When she’s not traveling, volunteering or performing as a professional clown, Dee likes to entertain and decorate for parties, create watercolor paintings, sew and play bridge.

Dee added, “Each day I get in touch with my God to nourish my spiritual health with Bible study and prayer. Knowing that God has a special plan for me each day, I can serve him by being obedient and serving others.”

How will you bring delight to others?

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