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Atria Lynbrook Resident Publishes First Book

Posted on March 10, 2014 by Admin

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Nearly eight decades in the making, Atria Lynbrook resident and poet Jeanette Konwiser published her first book this year entitled, “Bridging Winter.” It is a 186-page collection of lyric and romantic poems.

Jeanette Konwiser was born in Brooklyn, New York, on June 23, 1925. Her parents, Anna and Alan Silverman, were teachers, painters, and sculptors who exposed Jeanette to creativity at a young age. Her love for writing began at the early age of 16.

She has written proficiently since the 1930s, having had select poems published at various times, but without large circulation. InBridging Winter,” she reflects on her life in Brooklyn from the 1920s to the end of the era and writes about the evolving landscape, nature, spirituality, and love.

Jeanette has made herself right at home at Atria Lynbrook. “One of her favorite things here is our food,” added Nathan Schafroth, Atria Lynbrook’s Engage Life Director. In addition to her zest for the delicious food, Jeanette said that she is fond of the staff’s attentiveness. When they learned of her book being published, they made a great fuss over her, gathering everyone together to applaud her work. Jeanette loves that the staff members use the book for chats and group discussions at the community.

According to Jeanette, the best thing about writing is being able to inspire people through words. Writing gives her pleasure and fulfillment in life. To add style to her work, she inserts diverse metaphors, similes and rhythm into her poetry. Like most writers, Jeanette enjoys reading too. One can often find her reading the Bible for hours at a time.

Jeanette Konwiser gives a piece of advice to those pursuing writing: “Never be too satisfied and never give up.”

Click here, to get your copy of “Bridging Winter.”

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