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Ann Young

8 Ways To Feel Young, according to Ann Young

Posted on September 30, 2013 by Admin

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Ann Young is a vibrant woman. She is an artist, a nature lover, and is strong in her faith. She is family-focused and health-conscious. Ann also happens to be a grandmother, and not just any grandmother - she's the winner of Atria Senior Living’s “Gorgeous Grandma” contest.

According to the “Gorgeous Grandma” winner, there are several things you can do to look and feel younger:

1.   Stress Less!

Ann’s motto is simple: “Let it go from head to toe.”  When her husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 15 years ago, Ann said the stress of constant worry about his health took its toll on her. She began taking vitamin B12 to help reduce inflammation from stress and decided to maintain a positive outlook on life and cherish every moment. “If it won’t matter in 100 years, it doesn’t matter now,” says Ann.

2.  Eat Clean!

For Ann, the decision to eat clean was an easy one to make. “I eat organic when I can, and the closer it comes from home, the better.” She laughed, recalling a recent lunch date with “the girls” at their favorite restaurant. “We all ordered salads, and then each ate a dessert. That was a splurge!” While salads are a staple for her meals, her favorite snacks are fruit and Greek yogurt. She says it’s important to maintain a healthy balance in your diet.

3.   Get Your Exercise On!

Ann exercises twice every day. “I get in a good walk every morning,” she said. In the afternoon, she enjoys one of the many exercise classes offered in the community with her friends. “It’s always something different, and that keeps it fun,” she shared, adding that physical exercise is equally important for both the body and the mind.

4.   Stay Spiritually Connected!

Whether it’s on her own, guided by television programming or done with a group, daily Bible study helps Ann stay grounded and grateful. When life gets difficult, her faith always carries her through. “It’s all about your outlook,” said Ann. “Just look around and count your blessings; they are there, if you choose to see them.”

5.   Learn New Things!

Learning new skills keeps Ann sharp. The opportunities to try different things are endless for such a go-getter. She is currently taking dulcimer lessons to learn a few of her husband’s favorite songs. “He made this for me before he passed away,” said Ann, showing me the beautiful instrument. “I thought it would be nice if I learned Morning Has Broken and a few of his other favorites...”

6.   Use Your Creative Outlet!

A wall in Ann’s apartment at Atria Elizabethtown is lined with beautiful paintings. When asked about the impressive pieces, she shrugs it off and says, “Eh, that is a gift that just came easy to me.” According to Ann, every person has a natural creative gift from God, but it is up to the individual to nurture it. “God gave it to you, so you’d better use it!” she laughed.

7.   Spend Time with Family and Friends!

Ann’s three daughters make weekly visits, and she looks forward to time with her grandkids whenever she gets it. “It’s so important,” she said about spending quality time with her loved ones.

8.  Appreciate Nature!

Growing up in Florida, Ann always had her toes in the sand and loved evening walks on the beach. “I had no idea what to expect when we moved to Kentucky for my husband to go to school,” she explained. But living on a small farm in Glendale, she quickly fell in love with the country life. “I just loved being surrounded by the nature: the green grass, the colorful flowers, even the winter was breathtaking.” She always has a touch of nature in her apartment, usually fresh flowers. Daisies are her absolute favorite!

Ann Young is a vibrant woman. Living a full and active life is what really makes Ann Young feel young. Implement these eight tips into your own life and see where they take you!

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