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76-Year-Old Says Aging is an Adventure – Atria Seville

76-Year-Old Says Aging is an Adventure

Posted on October 26, 2014 by Admin

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“You’re too old.”

“You’ll get hurt.”

“Your body can’t do what it used to.”

“Don’t risk it.”

These are just a few myths about aging that society supports – the notion that as we age, we weaken. We decline. That somehow we are less of a person, with limited value.

Lilias G., an Atria Seville resident, refuses to adopt this mentality.

Not only is the 76-year-old an Active Aging Champion – earning gold, silver and bronze medals for completing fitness challenges at various levels – she is also a devoted zip liner.

Recently, Lilias arrived at the SlotZilla Zip Line in downtown Las Vegas with fellow resident David B., Jill Biondo, the community’s Engage Life Director and other Atria staff.

This wasn’t Lilias’ first rodeo.

“I had already been on a lower zip line several years ago, so it didn’t worry me. But I knew this one was going to be much higher. I wanted to do this higher zip line before it was even built. So, when it finally opened, it quickly became a dream of mine,” explained Lilias.

“We took the elevator up two floors and got into our harnesses. Then we took the next elevator up a few more floors. There was a moment when I – a person who walks with a walker – realized I had to step down without any support whatsoever. I was scared.”

But fear didn’t stop Lilias from realizing her dream.

“I gingerly went down the stairs and looked at the others who were going even more slowly. From then on, it was all excitement!”

And off she went – flying through the air.

“Andrew said I had my eyes wide open and didn’t say anything. I remember yelling once. I didn’t stop shaking for a long time afterward…from all the adrenaline,” said Lilias

Atria Seville staff members awarded her a gold medal after her venture, and she became an official Gold Level Active Aging Champion!

Lilias and others know that preconceived notions about aging usually come from a good place – one of genuine concern for an older adult’s well-being. But no one wants to be placed in a box, whether they’re young or old. To Lilias, aging is an adventure and an opportunity, not an obstacle.

So, the next time negative thoughts enter your mind – about your age, height or some other characteristic – just remember Lilias, the 76-year-old adrenaline junkie, no-walker-can-stop-her, zip lining mamma jamma.

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