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We've taken the guessing out of care costs.

We designed this unique care services calculator to give you a better idea of what care services cost at Atria. Receive a personalized estimate in minutes.

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Wit & Wisdom

A New View on Growing Older

Superfood Recipe Salmon

Keep your ticker in tip-top shape with superfoods

February 12, 2018

February is American Heart Month, when the American Heart Association pulls out all the stops to encourage you to lead a healthy lifestyle and make smart food choices. One way to do that is to...Read More

5 Easy Ways to Choose Happiness

January 19, 2018

Research has revealed that only 10 percent of our happiness is due to our surroundings. This is great news because it means that 90 percent is determined by our attitude. We all have the ability to...Read More

Atria Helps Resident Become Social Butterfly

January 2, 2018

Many of us welcome the new year with goals we’d like to accomplish. Cynthia, a resident of Atria Willistown in Pennsylvania, is no different. She started her year with two objectives: to make more...Read More

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