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John, Navy

Veteran John I. Unger, Atria Lafayette

Posted on February 21, 2014 by Admin

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Enlisted in the U.S. Navy August 11, 1939 and served 20 years, during the entire World War II and the Korean War.

During World War II, I was stationed with the Marines and detailed for duty as a Navy hospital corpsman. I was stationed with the Marines on Wake Island, which was captured by the Japanese Navy, and I spent 44 months a prisoner of war.

The battle of Wake Island, as quoted by the commander, Japanese Imperial Navy: "Considering the power accumulated for the invasion of Wake Island, and the meager forces of the defenders, it was one of the most humiliating defeats the Japanese Navy had ever suffered."

This refers to December 13, 1941, the date of the attempted landing.

I’m now stationed at Atria Lafayette and enjoying my life.

— John I. Unger, Chief Hospital Corpsman, U. S. Navy (Retired Veteran)

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1 Comment

  • Jacki Unger says:

    We love you very much Dad! So proud of you and everything you have done. We are so lucky to have you in our lives….
    Love J&B