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Assisted Living and Memory Care –Trends & Innovation

Posted on November 6, 2013 by Admin

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Today’s seniors are in the driver seat, steering innovative trends in assisted living and memory care in the senior living industry.

As the population ages, the housing market has responded to the demand with evolving solutions to meet seniors' needs. The Administration on Aging has estimated that by the year 2050 seniors will comprise approximately 20 percent of the overall population. As this growing wave of active aging adults enjoy living longer than ever before and often put off a move as long as possible, the senior housing industry is challenged with re-engineering to offer new innovative solutions.

In the future, specialized communities that cater to seniors with similar interests will emerge, while offering assisted living and independent living community choices that include memory care services for those battling memory impairment from Alzheimer’s and dementia. Along with industry changes based on today’s more demanding seniors are political, economic and regulatory issues that also continue to shape senior housing trends.

The innovative trends below attest to the changing landscape in the senior living industry:

1. According to a recent article published on Senior Housing News website, dedicated Alzheimer's communities are expected to increase over the next couple of years. The supply of these types of assisted living communities is low when compared to expected demand in the near future.

2. Since seniors are waiting longer to move into senior housing communities, they require more care than previous generations who moved in earlier in their lives. This trend drives the cost of care higher when seniors do finally decide to move into a senior community. The impact of the recession on nest eggs has caused delayed entrance into senior living residences. Better technology also allows seniors to stay home longer or depend more on friends and family.

3. According to the article, "Assisted Living: Not Your Grandma's Retirement," the rise of specialty or niche communities similar to boutique hotels that cater to specific tastes and needs is expected to continue. Communities designed to cater to specific groups with similar interests, like active adults interested in continuing education for example.

4. Technology developed for seniors will take center stage and go mainstream according to this article on SeniorHousingNews.com. Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) will become commonplace and integrated into everyday life. Other monitoring devices designed to measure bed pressure, bathroom visits and other basic lifetime habits offer new and creative ways to monitor a person's life without intrusion.

5. There is a growing demand for eco-friendly senior and assisted living communities. In addition to basic recycling, these centers also offer a variety of other green-friendly attributes. Eco-friendly construction, serving food that is locally grown and using energy-efficient appliances are some of the ways these communities are appealing to socially conscious retirees.

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