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What Senior Living Communities Will Look Like in 10 Years

Posted on February 28, 2014 by Admin

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Like most other industries, the trends among senior living communities are rapidly evolving. The future is bright for prospective retirees. Senior living communities will continue to fully embrace holistic wellness, eco-friendly solutions, technology and independence. As baby boomers slide into retirement age, the senior housing industry must accommodate a generation of retirees who are active and tech-savvy in an unprecedented way. In addition, people are living longer and want to approach the work and play of retirement in a whole new way.

Unique Amenities

The first thing to expect in senior and assisted living communities is a greater emphasis on unique amenities. Baby boomers constitute an immense retired class, giving them more sway in the global economy. It’s incumbent upon communities to listen to their residents and provide them with the services and amenities they want. For instance, just 10 years ago, it would not have been important to provide older adults with a computer lab; now, with most of our moms and dads using social media in a savvy way, they will want access to the Internet.

More Opportunities For An Active Lifestyle

Across the board, older adults want to be more physically and mentally active, for a longer time in their lives. Senior living communities will offer more educational opportunities, particularly online learning options. There will be more occurrences of events such as using tablets to view TED Talks, followed by a rousing discussion of the presented material.

There will be more recreational options as well, promoting fitness and self-improvement. Many older adults report that they want to practice more modern fitness approaches, such as yoga, tai chi, and even elements of CrossFit. To stay relevant for older adults, communities must make these types of exercise programs available.

Eco-friendly Communities

Communities are resolving to incorporate eco-friendly building and operational choices in an effort to preserve the environment and be conscious of their impact on the world around them. New residences will feature eco-friendly lighting and appliances and aging facilities will be renovated to meet expectations of the older adults who are looking for a new home.

Tech-Savvy Older Adults

Perhaps the biggest difference between new older adults and their predecessors is their level of comfort with technology. Baby boomers are particularly tech-savvy and will drive the senior housing industry toward wireless connectivity, social media engagement and integrated experiences. "Smart homes" are built to use wireless technology to help boost residents’ independence and safety.

In effect, older adults want the ability to live in a more normal, private setting even while receiving some assisted living services. The future of senior care will allow retirees to enjoy the benefits of assistance without the restrictions of traditional long-term care.

As senior housing options feature more amenities and greater opportunities for fulfillment, older adults will approach assisted living communities with unprecedented enthusiasm. The next decade will modernize the senior care industry while providing more options and more control over the retirement years.

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