Research & Alliances

Research & Alliances

As part of our continuous effort to pursue the highest quality for our residents, Atria Senior Living sponsors and partners with many experts who aim to advance our society's understanding of healthy aging. Here are some of the innovative programs that we currently support.

International Council on Active Aging® (ICAA)
The ICAA is dedicated to changing the way we age by uniting professionals in the retirement, assisted living, fitness, rehabilitation and wellness fields to dispel society's myths about aging. The goal is to help these professionals empower aging baby boomers and older adults to improve their quality of life.

Atria Senior Living is a proud sponsor and supporter of the ICAA's Changing the Way We Age® campaign – a groundbreaking movement aimed at shifting society's perceptions of aging and countering negative aging stereotypes. In support of this effort, Atria has rolled out a national Active Aging Champions campaign, asking residents who epitomize the active aging lifestyle to serve as role models and educators in their communities.

Atria communities across the country are developing new techniques for exploring the untapped human potential in older adults. In fact, Atria Woodbridge in Irvine, California, earned a 2011 ICAA Innovators Award for developing the fun and engaging "Man Cave" program for residents. And in 2012, we won our second consecutive ICAA Innovators Award for the interactive Culinary Educational Series developed by Kirk Brooks, our Director of Culinary Service at Atria Campana del Rio in Tucson, Arizona.

Billie Jean King – Atria's Active Aging Ambassador
We've partnered with the equal rights advocate and 20-time Wimbledon® champion to promote the many benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle. As our Active Aging Ambassador and a family member of an Atria resident, Ms. King shares our belief that we're all meant to stay connected, work together and support each other as we continue to explore, learn and try new things. Click here to learn more.

Younger Next Year: The New Science of Aging with Dr. Henry Lodge
As a leading innovator in promoting healthy, active lifestyles, Atria Senior Living is a proud sponsor of this PBS special. Through practical examples and real-world scenarios, nationally renowned physician Dr. Henry Lodge shares his influential findings on how physical and social engagement can actually reverse the effects of aging. Click here to read more.

David Troxel, MPH
Atria Senior Living partners with internationally recognized Alzheimer's expert and author, David Troxel, to provide cutting-edge memory care. David has co-authored four influential books, most notably A Dignified Life: The Best Friends Approach to Alzheimer's Care, and works with Atria to identify new approaches for providing the most effective care.

Conductorcise® with Maestro David Dworkin
Many Atria Senior Living communities offer Conductorcise as a healthy option for seniors who wish to stay physically active. This unique program combines the aerobic movements of conducting an orchestra with the aesthetic stimulation of classical music to create a low-impact workout for older adults.

American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA)
Atria Senior Living is a proud member of ASHA, which promotes the merits of the senior housing industry and provides leadership on legislative and regulatory matters, advancements in research and education, and the exchange of strategic business information.

Atria Senior Living has earned a Spirit of Innovation Award from LTC LINK for committing to the success of the senior care industry and for making innovative contributions to the development of industry best practices.