Atria Mission

Our Mission

Atria Senior Living offers much more than a place for older people to live. We build vibrant senior living communities that offer companionship, comfort and a wide selection of community events that match individual interests.

When people come to Atria, they lead richer lives. They move from isolation to community. Whether they choose to play a competitive game of cards, take a morning walk or just relax with friends, residents discover a second family and a place to thrive.


Exceptional service for our residents.
Growth, development and rewards for our employees.
Viability for the long term for our company.

We listen. We engage life with pride, professionalism, creativity and fun.

We strive to enhance lives and exceed expectations every day.

John's Message

What makes Atria Senior Living communities feel like home? It's the camaraderie of our residents, the passion of our staff and the feeling that together, we're all a family. Older people thrive at Atria. Our residents embrace life, they laugh and they love, and with every smile they share, they give their families peace of mind in knowing they're secure – and flourishing.

We hire people who respect and admire seniors and are curious about our residents' lives before and after coming to Atria. Every decision we make about how we run our business is designed to ensure that we are able to deliver our promise to help older people make a better life every day.

We're tough about quality because we know what's at stake – for elderly parents, for adult children and for an aging America. As the American population ages, more seniors will need the services Atria offers. In The Coming Generational Storm, economists Laurence J. Kotlikoff and Scott Burns estimate that the number of U.S. centenarians will exceed the population of Washington D.C. by 2030. These older people deserve the service and care to live their senior years to the fullest. With our track record of exceptional, personalized service; caring, well-trained staff; and a commitment to ongoing financial strength, Atria is poised to help make our seniors' years fulfilling.

– John Moore, CEO Atria Senior Living

Committed To Quality

We promise you quality. Behind the warmth and welcome of an Atria community are pages of protocols, standards and metrics – and an investment on everybody's part in doing what is right for our residents.

Our quality standards far exceed government benchmarks. Atria independent living and assisted living communities undergo two unannounced, four-day quality assessment reviews each year, which are overseen by an independent chief quality officer who reports directly to our board of directors.

Our quality auditors review more than 740 distinct areas in each community, and if anything falls even slightly short, we develop improvement plans and work with community leaders to put those plans into action.

To make sure we deliver the service we pledge, we conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys. We rely on the findings to guide our conduct, whether addressing the courtesy of our management teams, the taste of the food we serve, or our responsiveness to concerns from residents or their families. As a result, 89 percent of our customers say they would recommend Atria to others.

Company Facts

Our Company
  • Atria owns or operates more than 145 communities in 27 states
  • Atria employs approximately 11,000 professionals nationwide
  • Atria communities are home to more than 16,000 seniors

Our Training

  • Over 166,000 hours of frontline staff training per year
  • Almost 20 hours of training required for every new hire
  • More than 60 hours of training required for staff new to Life Guidance® memory care neighborhoods
  • More than 30 proprietary training manuals, web programs and DVDs for staff
  • More than 90 training programs for managers

Our Employee Rewards

  • Since 2005, over $150,000 given as bonuses for hourly employees who demonstrate exceptional service
  • More than $1,000,000 given to hourly employees from an employee-funded charity to assist in times of need (e.g., flood, hurricane, theft, medical emergency, emergency travel related to death, etc.)
  • More than $1,500,000 given in tuition reimbursement to employees who further their education

Our Satisfaction Scores

  • In customer satisfaction surveys, 90% of customers would recommend Atria Senior Living to friends and family
  • In employee satisfaction surveys, 87% of employees would recommend Atria Senior Living to friends and family