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Atria In The News

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California Senator recognizes Atria Vintage Hills resident for her artistic accomplishments
California Senator Joel Anderson visited Atria Vintage Hills to honor incredible artist Jeane Ambrose, 90, who is thriving in her new passion of painting. A spirited crowd listened to his remarks on how Ms. Ambrose’s journey inspires not just him but others in state government. Mixing bold color and intricate detail of surrounding landscapes, her work has been displayed prominently in the state capitol. [More]
Atria Sandy residents and US Navy Veterans visit Washington DC
They are three of our nation's war heroes. All former seamen for the United States Navy, all World War II veterans and now the best of friends while living at Atria Senior Living. "We call ourselves 'the comrades,' that was a special time for me and the boys," said Mark Chatfield. These three "comrades", Mark Chatfield, Alejandro Roybal and Bill Dunn were part of the 66 World War II heroes selected for the recent "Honor Flight" where they saw the Washington D.C. Memorials for the first time. "There's a picture of us saluting in the memorial, the World War II Memorial," said Bill Dunn. He goes on to say, "that trip has been probably a lifetime highlight for all of us." [More]
Atria Darien residents make cookie care packages for troops in Afghanistan
To celebrate Veterans Day, Atria Darien veterans and students from the Darien High School and Royle School decorated and packed 200 cookies to send to a 15-member military unit stationed in Afghanistan. The students are members of the Royle School Student Council and the Darien High School Support Our Soldiers Club. Every soldier in the unit will also receive a handmade holiday card created by Atria Darien residents. The group will be working together to create and pack up the shipment so that it gets out in time for the holidays. [More]
Memories soar for Atria Chateau Gardens resident aboard first flight from LA to NYC
Flights across the nation are commonplace these days but for one Atria Chateau Gardens resident her 1959 flight from Los Angeles to New York was the trip of a lifetime. Margaret Bassetti, now 97, heard about the American Airlines trip in a newspaper article. She contacted her downtown San Jose travel agent, Val, straightaway to ensure a ticket to board the first commercial transcontinental flight, she said. [More]
Atria Glen Ellyn residents get moving
At Atria Glen Ellyn, Ray Martin is an 80-something senior who doesn't believe in spending his retirement just sitting still. He walks around the Atria building several times a day and does standing pushups on a nearby fence despite having trouble with his legs. Martin is one of a group of residents at Atria who participated recently in the International Council on Active Aging's "Changing the Way We Age" campaign. About 24 residents completed the program of exercising for 30 minutes a day, five days a week, for six weeks. For getting so active, they were awarded T-shirts saying, "Atria Moves." [More]
99th Annual East Texas State Fair honors Atria Willow Park and Atria Copeland residents
An estimated 2,500 senior citizens helped kick off the East Texas State Fair during a day dedicated specifically to them. The 44th Senior Day during this 99th year of the fair proved to be just as much of a hit as in years past with entertainment, exhibits and bingo available for free for adults 55 and older to enjoy. During the day, the fair presented four awards to seniors. The fair declared a Senior Day King, the oldest male in attendance; a Senior Day Queen, the oldest female in attendance; the Longest Married Couple in attendance and one Outstanding Senior, given to a person who is actively involved in the community. Theron Boothe, 92, of Tyler, a resident of Atria Willow Park, received the King Award. Boothe graduated from New London High School and worked in welding inspection and metallurgy for Texaco for 35 years. He said he enjoys coming to the fair. ‘It’s the outing and meeting all the people,” he said. “It’s a joy, especially to be able to do it after I’ve been retired 30 years.” Ray and Helen Stricklin, residents of Atria Willow Park, won the Longest Married Couple Award. The couple have been married for 68 years and met as teenagers when they lived in the same north Dallas neighborhood. They got married when they were both 20. Mrs. Stricklin said the secret to their long marriage is “give and take.” Stricklin, a World War II veteran, didn’t have too much advice for young married couples, but he did say, “hang in there and live longer.” The couple have two children and four grandchildren. The award recipients received rosette ribbons and a plaque to commemorate the occasion. The fair will send them photos of themselves taken on Friday so they can insert them into one side of the plaque and have it as a keepsake. “I think it’s exciting for them just to be recognized, to have their moment in the spotlight, to feel important regardless of how old they are,” Deborah Newman, the fair’s director of competitive events and Senior Day, said. [More]
Atria Copeland resident bungee jumps, to celebrate Active Aging Week
An 86-year-old East Texas woman can mark one more item off of her bucket list. The Atria Copeland resident got to bungee jump Thursday night as part of Active Aging Week. Doris Humphress has always been adventurous and started the week off with zip-lining in Jacksonville. However, there were two other activities at the top of her to-do list. "I said, 'When I'm 100, I want to bungee jump or pole dance,'" says Humphress. She's not 100 yet, but her friends at Atria Copeland decided to make her bungee jumping dream come true. "I really was kidding. I wasn't serious, but here I am," says Humphress. [More]
The Landing of Brighton’s Director of Culinary Services prepares diabetic-friendly dishes
Director of Culinary Services, Michael McAllister, of The Landing of Brighton, shares recipes for Jamaican Mahi Mahi Fish with Black Bean Soup from "The Diabetes Comfort Food Cookbook" and Grilled Lamb and Pineapple Skewers served over Coconut Brown Rice and lentil pilaf with seared garlic kale. [More]
Atria Sierra Pointe residents is working on his next book
A former New York City public school principal and special education consultant in New Mexico, Sydney Gould moved into a “lovely” two-bedroom apartment at Atria Sierra Pointe. “Perseverance is an important word for me,” he says. “You work for what you get. If you love your work, you’ll keep doing it and enjoy it.” So he decided to write a novel. Inspired by world oil conditions, he spent two years writing a political action thriller, Hijack at Malacca. “It’s an exciting book,” says Gould. “It’s about much more than the hijacking of an oil tanker.” He has also written another book, Stop Sending E-Mail: My Boss is Watching, a compilation of funny stories and jokes and advice on email etiquette. Both books are available on “I’m on the computer quite a lot,” he says. Based on his experiences as a senior moving into a retirement community, he’s now working on another book. The book will feature advice for seniors on things to do when you move to a retirement community. “Most seniors don’t want to leave their homes,” he says. “But it is the wise thing to do in certain circumstances. We all get to be seniors and if you want to live well, you have to persevere.” “Perseverance has helped me overcome conditions that could have been so limiting.” [More]
"Aloha" from Atria Tanglewood
Residents, their family members, guests and staff at Atria Tanglewood celebrated the summer Hawaiian-style with a luau celebration, complete with live music, delicious food, tropical-themed drinks and hula dancing lessons for everyone. [More]
Fashionable dogs take center stage at Atria Encinitas
Atria Encinitas hosted a parade of fashionable, furry companions. First, second and third prize were awarded to the best costumes. [More]
Atria Kennebunk resident starts "International Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society"
The famed slapstick duo, Laurel and Hardy, did more than entertain. Just ask Jim MacMath of Atria Kennebunk, who recently started the first Laurel and Hardy Sons of the Desert chapter in Maine. Sons of the Desert is an international organization composed of various independently run groups, or “tents” of people with one thing in common: a deep appreciation for this type of comedic acting that isn’t in circulation anymore. “It’s not really a fan club at all. It’s more of an International Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society,” MacMath said. “One of the objectives of the society is to bring these to the next generation. A lot of the kids today have no clue as to who they are. I showed them to my grandson and he had no clue who they were.” [More]
Ventura County firemen participate in fundraiser at Atria Las Posas
Members of the Ventura County fire department donated their time and agreed to be auctioned off as dinner dates to residents at Atria Las Posas. The fundraiser benefited a local charity. [More]
Atria Covina resident reminds people to call their mom
When was the last time you called your mom? You should be doing it every day, according to Atria Covina resident Alan Phillips, whose message has been the talk of the town. The 86-year-old traverses the city with a sign that reads: “Call your mother. She worries.” Surprisingly, Phillips never had a mother around, so he’s making sure other people reach out to theirs. The retired salesman first saw the sign at a Goodwill store. He said it struck a chord deep in his soul. He strung the engraved block of wood from his walker, and he’s been turning heads ever since. “Well, I did it like that,” Phillips said while snapping his fingers. “And I knew it would be a good thing.” Residents say his message has changed lives. [More]
Atria Seville residents soar over Las Vegas
These thrill-seeking seniors visited the Fremont Street Experience, courtesy of the Atria Seville assisted living community in Summerlin, about 20 minutes west of downtown. Lilias and Dave flew with Andrew, Atria Seville's Executive Director on "SlotZilla", a zip line which climbs to 77 feet. The zip line gave Lilias a unique distinction at her retirement community. It qualified her for a gold medal as an “Active Aging Champion,” a program that rewards seniors for staying vital, being adventurous and living out their dreams. [More]
Pennsylvania Senator visits Atria Center City
Senator Pat Toomey visited with 25 Atria Center City residents, who are veterans of World War Two and the Korean War, to personally honor them for their service. [More]
A little horse is a big hit at Atria Longmont
Dozens of Atria residents were swooning over Carmella, a 12-year-old miniature horse from the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center who visited the group inside the lobby of the living facility. Residents talked to, pet and fed carrots to Carmella, who is less than three feet tall. The horse spent more than an hour cheering up residents in the living center. "It was nice to have Carmella here," Dalke said. "She brought back some happy memories for a lot of us." [More]
Atria Copeland resident celebrates her 90th birthday with the Texas Rangers
Lola Binzegger has watched countless Texas Rangers games from her couch, but only one from Globe Life Park stands out. In celebration of her 90th birthday, she spent a cool Tuesday evening surrounded by family and friends behind the first base foul line watching her favorite team take on the Baltimore Orioles. She even got to stand on home plate during the dot races in the sixth inning. The game features three dots — one green, one red and one blue — racing full speed to home plate, with Mrs. Binzegger holding the finish line. The best part, she said, was standing at ground level for about an inning before the race. “I thought it was great,” she said. “I loved going out on the field, and that was the perfect spot to wait to go onto the field for over an inning. ... We could really see things down there, and you think, ‘oh, wow.’” [More]
Atria Shaker resident and WW2 veteran, Harold Williams, describes why he's proud to be an American
A World War II veteran recalled being among the troops who stormed the beaches of Normandy 70 years ago. Williams also remembered coming upon a cottage in a small town only a few days into the invasion. He said a man and his wife and a second man and his wife approached Williams’ Colonel and said the second couple was Jewish. “[The man said,] ‘This man and his wife – they’re Jewish. They’re Jews. We’ve been hiding them since 1940.’ Now this is 1944,” Williams said. “I would say that if there was ever a time that you were proud to be an American it was then because we had given them their freedom.” [More]
Las Vegas high school students celebrate prom, at Atria Seville
A group of high school students recently attended a different kind of prom. The prom took place at Atria Seville, a senior living community in Las Vegas. Fifty student and five teachers from Faith Lutheran High School attended the prom and danced with the residents. The students, who volunteered at Atria Seville during the school year, learned how to foxtrot and swing before the big day. They also practiced traditional ballroom dancing. [More]
Atria Willow Park resident has been playing the piano for 90 years
At 96, Mrs. Sudduth has a touch of arthritis, but the stiffness and pain quickly dissipate as hymns and gospel tunes carry through the atrium of her home at Atria Willow Park. “I enjoy it,” she said. “It’s the bright spot in my day, and I play every day if I’m here.” Mrs. Sudduth, a minister’s wife and mother, has been playing for more than 90 years, and although her vision is fading, she plays the tunes from memory. [More]
Wedding bells ring at Atria Hearthstone
Donna Dabbs and Charles Bliss met over three years ago at Atria Hearthstone, where Dabbs works as a life guidance program specialist and Bliss is part of the wait staff. On Saturday, they will tie the knot on the patio of the senior living community, with residents among those witnessing the vows and eating cake and drinking punch at the reception. “We wanted the residents to be part of this because they are our second family,” said Dabbs, who has worked at Atria Hearthstone for 12 years. [More]
"Birthday Queen" takes a spin on a motorcycle to celebrate 100
To celebrate her 100th birthday, Atria Elizabethtown resident, Adele Andrisen, requested to experience the thrill of riding a motorcycle and the staff at Atria accommodated her. Family, including her daughter Diane Buckles of Elizabethtown, residents, staff and well-wishers gathered outside to watch and wave as Corum and Andrisen, who had no concern for her hair blowing in the wind, passed by as they drove through the parking lot. “It was fun,” she said. “I enjoyed it, really.” [More]
Cosmetology students treat Atria Woodbridge Place residents to a spa day
Residents at Atria Woodbridge Place took the time out of their busy schedules to get manicures, hand massages and hair done by cosmetology students from the Technical College High School of Pickering. The residents were gearing up for the Senior, Senior Prom which was held later that evening at Atria Woodbridge Place. [More]
Atria Silver Bells make music together
Twice a week, Susan Dodd stands in front of a group of seniors — ready to direct a choir of chiming bells. The group — Atria Silver Bells — is made up of two smaller groups of Atria Senior-Living facilities, the Willow Park Shakers and the Copeland Chimes. “I believe that every person has a purpose and a meaning, and it doesn’t matter what our age is, if you’re not doing what your purpose is or (don’t) have a purpose in your life, then you’re not happy,” said Ms. Dodd, the enrich life director at Willow Park. “My goal and what we’ve done with this bell choir is to give them a purpose.” The group plays a wide variety of music from Christmas carols, Easter music and patriotic tunes. [More]
Atria Senior Living’s Active Aging Ambassador, Billie Jean King, discussed Atria and her top 10 tips for successful aging in the most recent edition of the Journal on Active Aging and the Digital Journal
In an interview with the bimonthly Journal on Active Aging® published by the International Council on Active Aging® (ICAA), the 70-year-old King suggests that staying engaged in life, adapting to challenges and, as her own mother advised her, continuing to "keep moving" can enrich and prolong life, particularly in one's later years. "Society keeps giving us messages that when we get older, we're finished," she says. "We're not finished. Every day is a new start. Every morning when I wake up, I have my gratitude list, and I thank God for all of these wonderful things. I have another opportunity today to be challenged, to learn, to solve problems, to really engage in whatever I want to do." [More]
"Curious Creatures" visit Atria Merrimack Place
To celebrate Earth Day, Curious Creatures, a group of professional exhibitors that teach respect and appreciation for exotic and unusual animals, visited Atria Merrimack Place. Resident Pat Spalding visited with a skunk during the presentation, while resident Alice Jo Taylor held a chinchilla. [More]
Five residents of Atria at the Arboretum take an Honor Flight to visit the World War II Memorial.
Honor Flight Austin—a nonprofit that transports veterans to the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C.—sent 60 veterans on a trip April 11–12. Five of those veterans are residents of Atria at the Arboretum. Atria’s Engage Life Director Danielle Loving said Honor Flight sent out a volunteer to talk to Atria’s veterans about visiting the memorial. Loving said veterans must have served in WWII or were injured in the line of duty to qualify for the trip. The Atria also had an official send-off for the veterans the morning of April 11. “We thought it was important that they have something special to send them off because this is going to be profound for them,” she said. “That’s the least we can do for all their time of service.” [More]
"Mustang Day" gallops into Atria Las Posas
Turning back the clock to the heyday of the Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys, and Sonny and Cher, Atria Las Posas hosted a Ford Mustang car show to celebrate the first American pony car’s 1964 debut. Four Ford Mustangs from 1966 to 2007 lined the front of Atria Senior Living Center on Thursday while guests and residents like Paul Green, 86, admired the rides. A special appearance was made by 30 Dollar, a brown-and-white mustang that stood tall next to the cars. Residents got to pet, feed and take pictures with horse. [More]
Kindergarten students visit Atria Hertlin Place
Kindergarten students visit Atria Hertlin Place as part of the school district's Building Community Relationships project. [More]
Long-awaited medal presented to Atria Glen Cove resident
Betti Buonacontri, 89, who lives at Atria Glen Cove, received a medal for her husband who passed away in the 70's. He was a World War II vet who was captured and held prisoner in Switzerland and escaped twice. [More]
Atria Las Posas wins 2013 Excellence Award
Atria Las Posas was presented with a Senior Advisor Excellence Award for receiving consistently high ratings from residents and their families in 2013. Winners of the Excellence Award are located all over the country and represent the top tier of independent living, assisted living and Alzheimer's care communities on the website. This exclusive designation places winners in the top one percent of senior living communities nationwide according to consumers. [More]
Girl Scouts earn gardening badge with the help of residents from The Solana Willistown
Residents at The Solana Willistown helped the members of West Chester Girl Scout Troop #41311 earn their gardening badge as they joined together to decorate terracotta pots in the community’s art gallery. The residents made each Girl Scout a beaded bracelet in honor of National Girl Scout Day, and the scouts presented the residents with Girl Scout cookies. [More]
Atria Woodbridge celebrates Mardi Gras
Residents at Atria Woodbridge had fun celebrating Fat Tuesday in style with entertainment by Matthew Zimnoch. The residents enjoyed jambalaya and a traditional kings cake announcing the King and Queen of Mardi Gras 2014. [More]
Erma Gibson celebrates her 105th birthday at Atria Baypoint Village
Erma Gibson began her 105th birthday with a hair appointment. "Not much to work with,'' she said as Jen Uselton ran her fingers through thin gray hair. "Are you kidding, Miss Erma?'' the beautician responded with appropriate honorific and respect. "You have natural curls.'' The salon is but a short stroll down the hallway at Atria Baypoint Village, an assisted care facility at Bayonet Point where Miss Erma has lived the last 10 years. Employees treat her like royalty and had been looking forward to celebrating her special day — Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014. They serve 220 residents, including a few centenarians. But none come close to Miss Erma in duration, or for that matter, sense of humor. [More]
Bernice Gordon, a resident at Atria Center City, had her crossword puzzle published in the New York Times, 62 years after her first puzzle was published
Bernice, who lives at Atria Center City, an assisted living community, in an apartment overlooking Logan Square, has been creating crossword puzzles since she was a young widow, home evenings with two small sons and needing something to engage her mind. "I just revere Bernice," said Will Shortz, the New York Times puzzle editor, who came to Philadelphia Jan. 12 for her 100th birthday party. Three days later, Bernice became the first 100-year-old ever to have a puzzle in the Times - 62 years after her first. [More]
21 Atria Longmont couples, married for 50+ years, celebrate Valentine's Day
21 couples residing at Atria Longmont celebrated their love during a Valentine's Day party. Of the 21 couples, 4 had been married for 70 years! [More]
Residents get special Valentine's cards from elementary students
Atria residents in East Texas received a special surprise today from Elementary school students. The children crafted hand-made cards to ensure the assisted living residents still got love on Valentine's day. [More]
Residents at Atria Maplewood Place look forward to visits from Toby, a 21 month old Golden Doodle, as part of their pet therapy program
The common room at Atria Senior Living is filled with roughly 20 people, who are waiting for a weekly visitor that’s always very happy to seem them. In walks Diane McNeil Murano and her golden doodle, Toby, who immediately becomes the center of attention. Tail wagging, Toby circles the area, greeting everyone and collecting the love. Having volunteered as a therapy dog handler for Toby since August, Murano said he’s definitely got a knack for making friends. "Everybody is happy to see him wherever he goes," she said "It’s emotional therapy at first sight and when they touch him and pet him it goes deeper than that. It calms people down and lowers blood pressure." [More]
The "Crocheting for a Cause Club" at Atria Salisbury provides limb caps for Veterans
The "Crocheting for a Cause Club" at Atria Salisbury is fairly new and has six members, who meet every Thursday evening. The group's latest project features 12-inch limb caps and blankets. Activities Director John Swincinski said they have a couple other ideas up their sleeves. "They will also be working on caps for arms and wrists," Swincinski said. The group has partnered with The American Coalition of Amputees to distribute the limb caps to veterans. [More]
Donna Stang, the Engage Life Director at Atria Longmont, shares her Denver Broncos memorabilia collection with residents in advance of the Super Bowl
A few days before the big game, Donna Stang brought handfuls of Broncos memorabilia to Atria Longmont, where she works as the Engage Life Director, to show off her Bronco pride. [More]
Solana Willistown residents partner with the West Chester Girl Scouts
The Solana Willistown and West Chester Girl Scout Troop #41311 kicked off their monthly intergenerational program with an afternoon of ice breakers. They enjoyed warm cookies and hot cocoa and a session of board games. [More]
Atria Sutton hosts an intergenerational winter ball with University of Las Vegas college students.
Atria Sutton was featured on KVVU for hosting an intergenerational winter ball with University of Las Vegas college students. [More]
Atria Copeland residents visit a water park to kick off the New Year
KYTX in Tyler, Texas show residents of Atria Copeland visiting a local water park and enjoying swimming and the lazy river as part of their aging actively lifestyle. [More]
Atria Salisbury provides plenty of indoor activities during winter weather
Residents of Atria Salisbury kept busy during the winter storm on Wednesday. A big afternoon lunch preceded a long day of planned activities. John Mays, who served almost 40 years in the Navy, joined other veterans for a private luncheon, while Pattie Townsend, 94, enjoyed a quiet lunch with her friend. She said she is always on the move, so this weather is inconvenient. [More]
Atria on the Hudson residents participate in art therapy classes
Local art therapist, Michelle Olson, works with senior citizens and helps them produce their own art. Olson's students at Atria on the Hudson hosted an exhibition of their artwork on January 18. [More]
Atria Riverdale resident is published in The Riverdale Press
Sara Schafler Kelman, a resident of Atria Riverdale, was published in The Riverdale Press. She was the focus on an article published in the Points of View section. [More]
Atria Bell Court Gardens hosts luncheon for Veterans Day
Atria Bell Court Gardens hosted a luncheon on Veterans Day for airmen from the local Air Force base in Tucson, Arizona. [More]
Elizabeth Williams, a resident of Atria Collwood, wins an over-80 beauty pagent
There was no lack of entries in the Waterfront Bar & Grill’s 80-year-old beauty pageant. Ages ranged from “almost 80” to 91 among the five ladies who entered. The Kettner Boulevard business, operating as a tavern since 1933, was celebrating the 80th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition on Dec. 5 of that year. NBA basketball legend Bill Walton emceed, and the contestants were asked such questions as: If you had a Twitter name, what would it be? What famous actor would you kiss right now? Do you have a bad habit? One contestant performed a tap dance. Another sang, “Jingle Bells.” A third danced to Michael Bublé’s “You Make Me Feel So Young.” The winner, Elizabeth Williams, 89 and a resident of Atria Collwood, displayed artwork she had painted before becoming blind. [More]
Atria Kennebunk hosts a Virtual Dementia Reality Tour
Caring Companion Home Care organized a "virtual dementia tour" at Atria in Kennebunk to help care givers and family members better understand the challenge of living with dementia. [More]
YMCA personal trainer teaches a fitness class at Atria Darien
A Darien YMCA personal trainer, Dan Scheckler, teaches a class at Atria Darien. The seniors enjoy the social aspect of the class just as much as the workout. [More]
The Solana Willistown honors first responders
The Solana Willistown, an Atria residence, was covered in The Daily Local for honoring the local first responders and the paper also featured the community hosting the High School football team to create blankets for the homeless. [More]
Joan Houlihan from Atria Woodbriar Place is presenting at The Dementia & Alzheimer’s Awareness Conference
Joan Houlihan, Senior Sales Director at Atria Woodbriar Place will teach how easy it is to improve memory by identifying the “Memory Busters” or forces that prevent people from holding on to the information they want to remember. [More]
Atria Bayside Landing hosts holiday party for children
Atria Bayside Landing helped a local charity replenish over 200 toys that were stolen and invited the children to a holiday party at the community. [More]
Atria residents earn the President's Active Lifestyle Award
As part of Active Aging Week, Atria residents showcased their achievement of earning the President’s Active Lifestyle Award. The goal is to exercise 30 minutes a day five times a week for six weeks of the eight-week program. Once the program is completed, the participant receives a certificate signed by President Obama, along with a lapel pin. The certificate has five stars on it for earning a certain level of participation. [More]
Atria Senior Living named 2013 Top Workplace in Connecticut
Atria Senior Living was named a 2013 Top Workplace in Connecticut for the third year in a row. The main factor in determining the results for Top Workplaces is employee feedback, including their opinions on company leadership, future goals, benefits and overall job satisfaction. Atria was one of 35 candidates in consideration for Top Workplace honors this year. [More]
Residents remember President Kennedy
Residents at Atria Copeland were interviewed by the Tyler Morning Telegraph on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas. [More]
August Kuentz, a resident of Atria Paradise, celebrates his 100th birthday
August Kuentz, born Nov. 22, 1913 in San Antonio, Texas, has celebrated his 100th birthday. Kuentz moved to Paradise, CA after he retired and he now lives at Atria Senior Living in Paradise. [More]
Atria Great Neck couple celebrate 80th wedding anniversary
Atria Great Neck residents, Herman and Bertie Solomon, began dating when they were teenagers in Brooklyn. Herman, who is about to turn 103 years old, met Bertie when he began working for an electrical contracting company that her brother owned. The couple now lives at the Atria Senior Living in Great Neck. They have two daughters, four grandkids and eight great-grandkids. [More]
Atria Tanglewood residents create special knits for cancer survivors
On Oct. 10, South Nassau Community Hospital visited the assisted living facility Atria Tanglewood for their annual Breast Cancer Ceremony. “The Knit Wits,” Atria’s resident knitting club, presented South Nassau with a collection of pink scarves and hats for patients in treatment and for survivors. [More]
Billie Jean King urges seniors to be active
She will be 70 next month, Billie Jean King noted, which would qualify her to live at Roslyn's Atria senior living community, where she spoke Tuesday night. But her don't-look-back theme for the current residents -- "to think about living now and really being active, body and mind and soul" -- had its roots in a teaching moment from her father when she was 15. [More]
Atria Woodbridge hosts their own version of senior Olympic games
Atria Woodbridge residents recently put their skills to the test during their own senior Olympic games. The community hosted the event during National Active Aging Week. The seniors competed in Wii golf, bowling, table tennis and billiards tournaments, a shot-put challenge and an electric scooter race. [More]
Local seniors encouraged to integrate activity into daily lives
Atria Bayside Landing celebrated Active Aging Week with a carnival and presentation of President's Active Lifestyle Awards to residents who had earned them for participating in 30 minutes of activity five days a week over the previous six weeks. [More]
Atria Darien resident walks hundreds of miles in support of peace
Al Forte has walked more than 250 miles since August to spread his message: Pray for peace. Forte has gone on walks to spread his message before. In 2008, he walked 1,000 miles from New York City to Chicago; in 2010, from Boston to New York; and in 2011, from the Pentagon in Virginia to ground zero in lower Manhattan. [More]
Atria Copeland resident celebrates 100th birthday in a hot air balloon
An East Texas woman's dreams are coming true as she celebrates her 100th birthday. The senior center where Geraldine Newman lives found out what was on her bucket list and decided to help her check off one of her biggest wishes: a hot air balloon ride. [More]
Students, seniors pack lunches for local homeless teens
Homeless teens in Las Vegas are getting a helping hand from the young and the old. The Atria Seville Community and Discovery Elementary students recently teamed up and packed lunches to donate. [More]
Tyler seniors participate in exercise challenge at Atria Willow Park
National Active Aging Week was designated to remind all of us the importance of staying active as we age. As part of the week's activities, the staff at Atria Willow Park held a ceremony honoring their residents who completed an activity challenge. [More]
Atria Chandler Villas resident chosen by AARP to compete in its online nationwide model search
Charlotte Williams is 91 years old and is one of 10 finalists in the AARP’s New Faces of 50+ Real People Model Search. The Chandler resident, who has lived in the Valley for the past 85 years, is looking forward to the results. Winners get to go to New York City for an official photo shoot to appear in the December 2013/January 2014 edition of AARP Magazine. [More]
Scout's project documents stories of WWII veterans at Atria Seville
Some Eagle Scout projects build bridges over hiking trails or help renovate community facilities. Herbie Li, a 16-year-old who lives near Summerlin, had another idea, one that would have a historical impact. Jill Ann Biondo, engage life director at Atria Seville, located eight male World War II veterans willing to be part of the project. [More]
Atria Draper Place recognizes the 12th anniversary of 9/11 with Patriot Day event
A solemn crowd repeated the words “we remember” numerous times outside of Atria Draper Place in Hopedale Wednesday as they joined those across the nation in remembering the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. [More]
Atria Aquidneck Place co-hosts "Say Goodbye to Summer" luncheon at local landmark
Atria Aquidneck Place and The Edward King House Senior Center came together to enjoy a delicious meal prepared by Atria's very own Executive Chef "Mo," followed by a presentation on the history of the King House. [More]
Atria Buckhead offers advice to those researching senior care facilities
Those who work in the nursing home and senior care fields say it is important that families placing loved ones in facilities do research first. "I really suggest that people do their homework and when I say homework, I mean when you're touring the community, pop in at different times," said Cindy Richards, sales manager at Atria, a senior living community in Buckhead. "Don't set up a certain time to have the tour." [More]
Edison phonograph gets new life at Covell Gardens
This summer, Atria Covell Gardens played host to a tale worthy of PBS’ popular “Antiques Roadshow.” Dick Beach, a resident of the retirement home on Alvarado Avenue in North Davis, succeeded in restoring a 1912 Edison record player. Beach demonstrated the phonograph for his friends and neighbors at Covell Gardens twice in July. [More]
Atria Covell Gardens resident art featured at Capitol exhibit
When the Assembly Aging and Longterm Care Committee invited residents of assisted living communities throughout the state to submit artwork for an exhibit at the state Capitol, the response from Atria Covell Gardens may have come as a surprise. [More]
Atria centenarian gets a big birthday surprise
Atria Evergreen Woods resident Mary Cahill was surprised with a birthday party to celebrate her 102 years. [More]
Resident centenarians featured in Real Simple magazine
The August issue of Real Simple magazine features several resident centenarians sharing their secrets for aging gracefully. [More]
Residents of Atria Regency in Alabama celebrate 250+ combined years of marriage
Atria Regency’s vow renewal ceremony was featured in the Mobile Press Register celebrating more than 250 combined years of marriage. [More]
New York Times crossword puzzle spans 83 years of Philadelphia talent
Atria Center City resident and crossword puzzle creator Bernice Gordon was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer for her collaboration with a 16-year-old from Los Angeles. Gordon has been a crossword puzzle creator for more than 50 years and continues to be published in the New York Times. [More]
One of the industry’s most valuable recognition programs helps us attract, and retain, the best employees
At Atria, we know that if we want to be the best place for our residents to live, we also have to be the best place for our employees to work. That’s why we launched Atria Rewards: a program designed to provide our residents with exceptional care and service by enriching the lives and work experience of our staff – and ensuring that good employees want to stay with us longer. [More]
Finding the right assisted living community
Almost one million people live in assisted living now and 74% of them are women whose average age is almost 87-years-old.* But as the economy improves it’s expected that many who put off selling their homes will look to independent living as a retirement solution. So how do you find the right place? [More]
Atria Draper Place residents showcase art
Residents of Atria Draper Place in Hopedale, MA, exhibited their artwork at the senior living community's annual art show. Their work was created in an art class held twice a week with a professional teacher, and several of the students had never picked up a paintbrush before the Engage Life director at Atria Draper Place convinced them to give it a try. [More]
Atria Great Neck hosts 80th wedding anniversary celebration for one resident couple
Before the Berlin Wall, rock ‘n’ roll and color television, there were Herman and Bertie Solomon. The centenarian couple celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary at the Atria Great Neck retirement home Monday afternoon, where they have lived since 2006. [More]
Tasty fundraiser benefits Alzheimer's Association
Purple and white balloons were in abundance at Atria Hearthstone senior living community. No, it wasn’t a celebration related to Kansas State University, which proudly boasts purple and white as its official colors. Rather, the balloons welcomed about 75 attendees to the second annual Purple Pancake Breakfast held in a courtyard outside of Atria Hearthstone’s Life Guidance neighborhood building. [More]
Atria Briarcliff Manor ElderAct meets with ECAD to help Veterans
Atria Briarcliff Manor’s ElderAct Group met with a local ECAD (Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities) group on Tuesday to learn about the organization and find ways to support it. The ElderAct Group of Atria Briarcliff Manor is a Rotary Club for seniors that is concerned with doing projects to help the greater community. The group at Atria Briarcliff has been writing supportive and appreciation letters to soldiers and veterans over the last two weeks. [More]
Tinton Falls business serves lunch to Seaside Heights workers
Pasta, chicken and salad filled the plates of borough employees and first responders Wednesday afternoon in the Community Center. Atria Senior Living of Tinton Falls wanted to offer its thanks to some of the people who worked through superstorm Sandy to save the resort town. It was clear to the business that it came to the right place when, before those employees dug in, they helped carry the food and serving dishes inside. [More]
Atria residents Skype with elementary school students
The residents at Atria Elizabethtown invited students in a third-grade class at Southwestern Elementary School in Hanover, Ind., to Skype with them. The students and residents were asked to come up with a questions for each other. Atria resident Doris Pile had 14 fellow residents in her apartment to participate in the program. This was the first time any of the residents have been exposed to Skype. [More]
Atria Wins Independent Publisher Award for A Dash & a Dollop Recipe Book
Atria is proud to be a 2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY) winner! IPPY is the largest award program for independently published titles. This year, there were 4,813 book entries, with an average category size of 50. A Dash and a Dollop received the bronze medal in the national cookbook category for 2012. [More]
Conductorcise Adds a Classical Note to Exercise
David Dworkin was a masterful conductor before retiring from a career leading orchestras around the world. And although playing for audiences abroad was rewarding, Dworkin said it doesn’t compare to the spectators he plays for these days. [More]