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A New View on Growing Older

Advice from Billie Jean King: Go Grateful for Greater Well-Being

Advice from Billie Jean King: “Go Grateful” for Greater Well-Being

September 8, 2016

Billie Jean King is a winner of 39 Grand Slam Tennis Titles, a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom and a champion for social change and equality. She serves as Atria’s Well-Being...Read More

Telling Tales: What Your Family Says About You – Atria Senior Living Blog

Telling Tales: What Your Family Says About You

July 7, 2016

I come from a long line of “talkers.” My mom is first-generation Irish-American, and her family nickname is Parrot, if that tells you anything. The gift of the gab is strong in us. But I...Read More

Arlene | A Real Show Stopper - Atria West 86 Resident

Arlene | A Real Showstopper

May 31, 2016

It’s no surprise others describe Arlene K. as theatrical, independent and cultured; she likes to express herself by creating beaded jewelry and acting and singing in original skits and revues as...Read More

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