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Happy 100 Years! - Atria Senior Living Blog

Happy 100 Years!

Posted on January 1, 2015 by Taylor Rhea

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Happy 100th birthday to Atria Merrimack Place resident Jeanne B.! We sat down and asked this New Years' baby and new centenarian a few questions:

1. What was your favorite age and why?

“My favorite age was 28, when I met my beloved husband, Earl, and married him.”

2. How do you maintain an active lifestyle?

“I try to live and do the right thing. I also love floral design and arranging. I passed that along to my daughter as well!”

3. What is it like having your birthday on New Year’s Day?

“They were all very fun and happy birthdays! It was always the day my husband celebrated all the reasons for our happiness.”

4. What is the greatest compliment you’ve received?

“That I am a wonderful, giving person. And in return, I would like to say how wonderful everyone at Atria has been to me.”

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  • Jeanette Day says:

    HAPPY birthday! What a gorgeous photo you shared with us in this post. Congratulations on a life well lived for 100 years. My father-in-law is at Atria MerryWood in Charlotte. He has a birthday in April and will be 97. He is very special to us as I know you are to your daughter. We hope your special day was quite wonderful.

  • Jill Nauta says:

    Happy birthday, Jeanne from Atria Canyon Creek in Plano, Texas!

  • Jill Ramsdell. ELD - Merrimack Place says:

    Jeanne is such a special person: loving, caring, sharing, grateful. She brings such joy to each day. We are all very lucky to be in her presence.

    She had a wonderful birthday surrounded by her family, and her friends of which there are many. She is just 18 year old in this picture!

    Thank you for your taking the time to share. I hope you dad has many happy and healthy years ahead.