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Curiosity Isn’t Just For Cats and Kids – Atria Senior Living Blog

Curiosity Isn’t Just for Cats and Kids

Posted on February 22, 2017 by Admin

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Curiosity is often associated with an ill-fated feline, but it’s actually a very positive trait. Not only is there no evidence that curiosity results in disaster, research actually points to many benefits that can be enjoyed at any age.

The residents who call Atria home enjoy exercising their curiosity every day.

“We’re providing countless opportunities for people to explore their curiosity. From the simple to the wow, all our programs are focused on curiosity,” said Becky Gallucci, Divisional Engage Life Innovation Director. “Even a game of bridge can be an adventure and pique curiosity simply by changing partners and playing in a different room each time. Residents began sharing thoughts and wisdom with one another, learning new techniques, having conversations and connecting with one another.”

Curiosity can enhance overall well-being by leading to four positive outcomes: increased happiness, improved relationships, increased ability to learn and a sense of purpose.

How does it make you happy?

Experiencing new things releases dopamine and other feel-good chemicals in our brain. Taking on new challenges with an open mind allows you to embrace the unknown, putting the focus on enjoying the experience.

How does it make relationships better?

One study revealed that demonstrating curiosity toward someone was a way to build closeness. Showing genuine interest in what someone has to say typically leads to better listening skills, more meaningful conversation and deeper connection.

How does it make you smarter?

You increase your ability to learn and retain information when your curiosity is piqued. When you’re genuinely interested in what you are doing, it’s easier to put forth effort and succeed.

How does it give you a sense of purpose?

Curiosity often introduces us to hobbies and interests that lead to a sense of purpose. When you find something you are curious about, it’s fun to chase down answers and new discoveries – your curiosity builds on itself continuously. Whether it is astronomy, painting or yoga, having a passion to pursue – and master – can lead to greater personal fulfillment.

To help our residents explore new ideas, we created The Wisdom of Curiosity – a planner that provides a framework for a 52-week journey of learning and new experiences.

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